Aircon Regas: How Do I Know If My Home Aircon Needs Regassing or Not?

Aircon Regas: How Do I Know If My Home Aircon Needs Regassing or Not?

AirCon is one of the most important pieces of an AC unit. With a highly complex mechanism, AirCon tends to need professional support from experts.  

It also demands regular maintenance and upkeep. However, it’s possible that despite full support, at times, it may start to lose some of its cooling efficiency. Most people panic If their AC is brand new and it starts to show aircon issues early on. Several factors can be responsible for underlying issues.  

The most common one being - leakage of the aircon gas aka refrigerant. As an AC owner, it’s good to educate yourself about aircon gassing, refrigerant, and things to ask your air conditioning service company.

What is AirCon Regassing? 

Let’s start by understanding exactly what Aircon regas is. It may sound simple, the term is a little ambiguous. Essentially, the process entails removing the existing refrigerant from your AC unit and replacing it with a fresh regas supply.  

Typically, you would only need this system evaluation when there’s been a gas leak. Also, many people may think that ‘topping up’ the refrigerant would solve the issue. That never happens! You would have to replace the whole thing entirely.  

During the visit, a service technician would look into the leaks, possible causes, and come up with an appropriate solution/repair. It’s crucial to run a battery of tests to make sure there are no more lingering issues that might pose any further leakage in the future.

How Frequently Does Aircon Need Regassing? 

Typically, the need to go for a regas in your air conditioning system would depend on how much you have used it. However, there may be several underlying factors. Most people won’t go for it until they notice the system is no longer blowing cool air. Although, leaving the system unchecked won’t pose any issues. 

But, it may contribute to a poorly functioning system. Also, leaving the system unchecked for too long may start damaging other parts of the aircon. What’s more, due to an inefficient unit, your energy bills might also skyrocket. So it’s never worth it to put off a professional system check. 

Generally, a good aircon should have an average lifespan of approx 10 years. A cheap brand, however, could face issues at any point in time. So, always invest in a quality air conditioning brand with top-notch after-sales service.

How to Know if Your AirCon is In Need of Regassing? 

A refrigerant may start to leak due to natural wear and tear. A damaged pipe may also cause the leakage. Sometimes, poor workmanship is at fault.  

Generally, the signs of gas leakage are easy to spot. However, it’s easy to miss them if you don’t know the right place to look for which is - the external AC unit. 

With that said, here are some signs to look out for -  

  • Presence of icy piping on the external unit. The presence of icy piping indicates that the system is running on such little refrigerant that it had to freeze itself.
  • The unit expels warm air. At times, the system has been on for too long but it’s still now cooling down the room. That’s another dead giveaway suggesting AirCon issues.
  • Weird noises coming from the unit. If you notice any whirring or unusual noises coming from your air conditioning unit, take that as a warning sign. Weird noises are often indicative of a serious underlying issue. Never take them lightly and call in expert help if that happens.
  • Apart from these, if you sense any bad odor coming from the unit, that’s another unusual but concrete sign. It indicates an inefficient system that’s unable to properly filter the air.

Common Causes Behind an AC Needing a Regas

As we discussed, some damage to the external unit or normal wear and tear could be a cause for a regas. However, it’s best to work with a company technician to determine the exact cause.

Manufacturer’s Fault

A common reason behind a system needing a regas prematurely is - faulty manufacturing. Although this issue is more common with cheaply made systems, sometimes quality brands may also experience this trouble.

Poor Installation or Workmanship in the Past

Sometimes the system may be poorly installed due to the poor workmanship of an inexperienced technician. At the time of installation, it’s important to cut all the pipes and chords correctly. This entails lubing, torquing, flaring, and d-burring the pipework at necessary places.

Failing to ensure correct pipe connections could lead to gas leakage. The technician would place a service cap on the AR valve to avoid refrigerant leakage. Incorrect installation and poor pipework would cause the valve to loosen, gradually leading to a gas leak.

General Wear and Tear

This happens when the unit has been in usage for years; typically over 10 years. Due to normal wear and tear, it's normal for the unit to sometimes become slightly damaged. Although the process is gradual, a reinstallation may be necessary in case of excessive damage.

As an AC owner, scheduling timely maintenance and check-up can give you peace of mind. You can rest assured that the aircon is performing optimally with no signs of damage.

The most important thing is to always hire an experienced and qualified professional to install the unit.

How Much Does AirCon Regassing Cost?

In some parts of Australia, the heat may cause the gas to run out sooner than expected. Although it’s hard to tell the exact cost, expect to shell out anywhere between $100-$250 for regassing/refiling.

Based on the workshop design, the cost may vary. Even a simple refill involves checking for gas leakages. So, that always costs something.

Bottom Line  

The Aircon is one of the most significant parts of any air conditioning unit. If you suspect an underlying issue with this part, never hesitate to call for expert help. If the unit is under warranty, your company may cover it free of cost. If not, always hire a reliable and experienced AlC service company.


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