Living The Dream: 8 Things To Do Before You Hire New Home Builders

How often do you think about your dream house? If you want to know how to find the right new home builders for you, then check the list!

Living The Dream: 8 Things To Do Before You Hire New Home Builders

How often do you think about your dream house? Do you search for inspirations on the internet, and save them for future reference? When the time comes, the house that you’ve been dreaming of will slowly become real. A huge step to achieving your goal is when you first hold the blueprint in your hands.

But before the whole dream comes true, you’ll still have to go through a lot of things. However, these are all worth it considering you’ll be getting what you’ve always wanted.

Another decision you need to make is to hire new home builders. They’ll be working on your dream house so they should be who you prefer. Don’t just settle, and do everything you can to find the right builders.


If you want to know how to find the right new home builders for you, then check the list below!


1. Do your research

First, you should know what new home builders do. Well, they are the people you’ll hire for a couple of months to work on your entire house. You’ll have to sign a contract which states everything that should be done in a certain amount of time.

Aside from that, you can search on the list of possible builders, their specialisations, and their availability. You can contact them if you have a few options for builders. Nowadays, it’s important to have an online presence so that you’ll know it’s not a scam.

2. Look for recommendations

Of course, another form of research is asking your family and friends if they know any new home builders. It’s a good way to find contractors because you can easily visit their houses, and see if you like how they’re built.

The main reason why you are searching for contractors that you like is because you need to know if the quality of their work is the same as what you like. In addition, your friends and family will give you an honest review about the builders of their homes.

3. Know if there are local builders in your area

If the new home builders your relatives and friends hired were not just around your area, then you should also scout for the locals. You may have passed by their office several times, but don’t have any clue what they do.

Local home builders know how to deal with permits, and other extra charges so they may come in handy. In addition, they won’t have to travel compared to non-local builders.

home builders

4. Conduct interviews

Of course, you don’t usually conduct interviews for new home builders. However, it’s necessary because you’ll need to ask a lot of questions. Remember, your dream house depends on your decision, so you should choose wisely.

You’ll need to invest your time, money, and effort in this project so that you won’t have any regrets later on. Before you conduct an interview, list all questions you need to ask. Sample questions are:

  • Do you have necessary certificates such as insurance and licence?
  • Do you have any other projects that may affect your schedule while building our house?
  • Have you built a house similar to this project?
  • How long have you been building houses?
  • Will you acquire the necessary permits for this project?

Aside from these questions, you can also add more like the number of people are in their team, their cleaning process, and the tools and equipment they have. Make sure that you’re prepared for the meeting to evaluate them equally.

5. Ask for quotations

After the discussions and interviews, it’s not a bad thing to ask the home builders for quotations. It’ll be another thing to consider while you’re assessing who you should hire. Another good thing about having quotations is that you can start budgeting your money.

The most accurate estimate can get plus points, but don’t just make decisions based on the outline they sent. Just make it a part of your overall criteria. You can consult other experts to know if they’ve sent you an ideal proposal.

6. See past projects

You can also visit the houses they’ve built before if the owners won’t mind. Furthermore, they may have display homes that you can check. Additionally, you can have a small chat with their previous clients.

Ask them if the whole process was not stressful, if there were problems encountered, and how these problems were solved. It’ll be easier to hire people who are comfortable to talk to. Keep in mind that you’ll have to work with them for a couple of months so you should be careful before you hire them.

past project

7. Review everything before hiring

If you have a shortlist of possible new home builders, review everything again from your research until the reviews from past clients. Then, ask yourself and other members of your family before you hire the builders.

After you’ve decided to hire them, give yourself enough time to go over the contract before signing it. Don’t rush things so you won’t have to regret anything afterward.


Now, the happily ever after begins. The story of the home you’ve always dreamt of is finally starting to come true. Don’t hesitate to share with us your hiring process for new home builders by leaving a comment below!

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