Why Should You Install Glass Splashback In Your Bathroom?

Why Should You Install Glass Splashback In Your Bathroom?

Well, when designing your new bathroom or renovating your existing bathroom, you should start thinking about a bath splashback. The concept of glass bathroom splashback not only provides a premium finish but are inspiring design in this space. Maintaining a bathroom splashback is a breeze — you can easily clean and keep it hygienic.

Glass splashbacks have an edge to other splashbacks because they are beautifully reflective while providing a vast array of colour and finish choices that will fit any new or existing bathroom renovation project.

Bathroom Splashback Can Help Create A Design Focus!

Splashback can take up a vast amount of space in a bathroom. You have to make sure that your walls are shielded fittingly for your basin, bath and shower. Right from small sink-side zones to complete wall panels, you can use glass splashback to create a design focus.

1. Mirrored Glass Splashback

To add practicality to your splashbacks, you can blend mirrored areas with printed or coloured glass across your bathroom. By adding lighting features to your mirrored sink splashback, you can increase the practicality of your glass splashback in the bathroom. It makes your bathroom walls graceful and less cluttered and creates an impeccable line.

2. Printed Coloured Glass Splashback

Printed and the coloured splashback is available in a variety of pattern, image or graphic for your bathroom design. To get a personal touch, you could select a printed photographic-image. A printed coloured glass splashback will create an impressive appeal; besides, you can also order a completely custom graphic or pattern.

3. Engineered Glass Splashback

The toughened and engineered glass used for the bathroom wall panels and splashbacks, so the surfaces are robust and highly durable. The bathroom remains in constant contact with water, and tiled walls will exhibit wear with usage, but glass splashback won’t! Unlike tiles, glass panels don’t need to grout lines; thus, glass splashbacks require the lowest maintenance.

4. Glass Surfaces

You can easily widen the lines of your bath splashback by using glass for your sink surroundings or vanity counter-tops! Well, you can create a sense of exquisite space and sleek lines by using consistent material around your bathroom.

5. An Affordable Choice!

Glass is a durable material and the right choice for low-budget bathroom designs. If you love subtle schemes, then hushed tones or transparent glass are the best for installing around your sink and bath. When you install glass splashback in your bathroom, you can enjoy your bathing without worrying about the splashes.

6. Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass can be of any colour, so your bath splashback can be colour-matched to your desired colour scheme or palette. Whether you like soft green or vibrant purple, you don’t have to get anxious when determining your bathroom interiors. This flexibility is a genuine benefit when using glass, which you won’t get from other materials.

7. Installing Glass Splashbacks are Easy

When compared to tile splashbacks, installing glass splashbacks are simple, which needs less equipment and tools to finish the installation.

8. Hygienic

Glass is resistant to water, grease and bacteria, so it’s super hygienic! It has a fine texture and sleek surface without hard to reach corners or crevices like those on the tiled splashback. Besides, a glass splashback is very simple to clean. Any marks or stains on the surface of the glass can be wiped off easily with a cloth or sponge.

9. Visual Appeal

A range of colour selection is available for glass splashbacks; that means you’ll get a splashback that harmonises your bathroom interiors. Moreover, glass splashback has light-reflecting abilities, making a small kitchen space look spacious and luminous.

Final Words

Are you thinking of bathroom renovation? Yes, then don’t forget to include a bathroom splashback in your priority list. Remember, your selection of splashback can alter the look and feel of your bathroom, so this decision alone can guide your design scheme.

Select a toughened glass of any pattern or colour from the range! Toughened glass comes with qualities such as low maintenance, durability and aesthetic flexibility — your new bathroom will quickly become your best-loved room in your home.

Do you want to uncover the right bathroom splashback? Well, speak to a trusted glass splashback supplier in Sydney, as they will have the genius to assist you in reaching your desired product.

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