Why Are Symbolism And Spiritual Jewelry So Famous?

The Tree of Life, Anchor, and the Celtic Cross are some symbols that have found their place in the mainstream. All thanks to the mystical and vintage touch they add when adorned. But, that's not it. More than the beauty, the symbolism and divine connection that the wearer experiences have brought them to mainstream fashion. So, do yourself a favor - read this blog and unleash the benefits of symbols in your life!

Why Are Symbolism And Spiritual Jewelry So Famous?

 “Symbols are the language of the universe!”

Of all the ways the universe communicates with us, symbols hold a special meaning in our hearts. When figuring out the meaning of life or carving a path out of an unfortunate situation, symbols become our guiding light. Each emblem tells a unique tale of divinity. Wearing sacred insignias helps us navigate our lives by counting blessings rather than mourning over loss. With so many feathers on hats, symbols as a piece of jewelry out win everything else.

So, without further ado, let us know a thing or two about specific symbolism and spiritual jewelry and their benefits. Keep reading!

Top 3 Symbolic Jewelry Trends To Watch Out For!

1. Symbolic and Spiritual Jewelry | Tree Of Life:

  • Symbolism: Appearing in Celtic and Buddhist cultures:

The Tree of Life jewelry symbol emerges as a tree, roots of which stretch forth to the earth and the branches extend out towards the sky. The Tree of Life symbolizes our pervasive connection to Mother Earth.

  • Spiritual Connection:

​​​​​The symbol is a depiction of the interconnectedness of divinity and humanity. The Tree of Life is the best and most timeless symbol that encompasses a range of themes in numerous cultures and faiths.

Healing Silver Jewelry - Benefits of Tree of Life Jewelry:

  • A symbol of oneness:

The Tree of Life is a sacred jewelry emblem that invigorates oneness within our minds. The symbol instills the fact that humans are in tune with nature and the universe.

  • An emblem of growth:

Wearing a Tree of Life insignia can accelerate your self-growth, giving you the courage of trees that endure a number of storms.

  • Insignia of the cycle of life:

The Tree of Life gives us the courage to accept the cycle of birth-death or the cycle of life. The loss of a loved one becomes less painful with the symbol. 

2. Symbolic and Spiritual Jewelry | Anchor Symbol:

  • Symbolism:

Imitating the sailor’s hook, the Anchor symbol is made up of a cross and a crescent moon combined. During Roman persecution, the symbol played a crucial role for Christians as they hid the Christian Cross in the symbol.

  • Spiritual Connection:

The Holy Book 'Bible' mentions the Anchor symbol as a representation of hope. Therefore, catacomb epitaphs were embellished with anchor signs. A religious symbol, Anchor denotes infinite love of divinity.

Healing Silver Jewelry - Benefits of Anchor Symbol:

  • Anchor is a symbol of Christianity, an eternal symbol of longevity, infinity, and spiritual healing.

  • Wearing Anchor Jewelry is a conglomeration of hope and courage within ourselves

  • As a symbol of strength and security, Anchor Jewelry endows one with power and safety during the wildest storms.

3. Symbolic and Spiritual Jewelry | Celtic Cross:

  • Symbolism:

A sacral Irish symbol, the Celtic Cross jewelry is carved by joining the hands of the Christian cross. The halo formed by joining the hands of the cross represents The Sun God of Celts.

  • Spiritual Connection:

A widespread belief around Celtic Cross suggests that St. Patrick used Celtic Cross to din Christianity into Celts. Other dogmas unify the Sun god of Celts and Christ with the Symbol. However, some believe that the symbol represented the superiority of Christ over the Celt God.

Healing Silver Jewelry - Benefits of Celtic Cross:

  • A symbol of healing:

The four hands of the Celtic Cross brings forth healing to our mind, soul, body, and the seven Chakras.

  • An emblem for balancing elements:

The four elements of our body i.e., earth, water, fire, and air are furnished and balanced by wearing holy silver jewelry Celtic Cross.

  • An insignia of God:

The cross bestows endless love of divinity upon its wearer. Legends believe the cross is a reflection of God.

We certainly believe that when the going gets tough, the symbols get you going. Not only do they bestow protection and divine love upon the wearer but also accentuate wardrobe like nothing else. What's better than wearing the blessings of the universe in form of beautiful wholesale handmade silver jewelry? Grab yourself a piece or two of symbolic jewelry now!

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