What To Know Before Using Cigars For Smoking And Styling?

What To Know Before Using Cigars For Smoking And Styling?

Cigars are considered the style icons in the whole world. Specifically in the United States, more than 17.4 million adults love cigar smoking, and most of them think that it improves their personality in society.

Another important aspect is that cigars are the most favorite smoking product for the elite class, and middle and lower-middle classes do not love cigars much. Therefore, styling becomes relevant automatically.

However, many do not know much about the use of cigars for smoking and styling. Here, we are discussing some of the steps that you need to follow if you want to make cigars a part of your personality.

Comparing Cigars With Vapes

Before moving further, we want to mention that vaporizers are challenging cigars currently. The reason is that many powerful and impressive personalities have started using vape cartridges already.

Therefore, the manufacturers of vapes have improved CBD vape cartridge packaging boxes to attract more customers. The introduction of CBD products in vapes is also challenging cigar manufacturers.

However, it is necessary to tell that CBD cigars are also in the market, and we can find numerous brands on store shelves, who are selling cigars in beautiful custom CBD packaging boxes

Here, we want to mention that there is no alternative to a cigar if you think about using these products for styling. You can achieve your target of improving your personality if you use cigars. Therefore, style icons still prefer these smoking tools. 

Now, here are steps that you need to learn to become a stylish cigar smoker.

Learn Proper Cutting Techniques

Having a cutter before smoking a cigar is necessary. It means that you have your own cutter to cut the cigar before smoking. Many types and styles of cutters are available in the market with cutting techniques.

You need to learn these techniques immediately. Many companies mention these techniques on packaging boxes. You can also watch videos on YouTube and read articles to improve your style of cutting.

However, there are different techniques to use while using different types of cutters. So, make sure that you have that particular cutter, which you can use easily.

You Must Have Stylish Cigar Cases

As cigar smokers use cigars to show their high-class, maturity, professionalism, wealth, or personality, they must have stylish cigar cases. Using fashionable cigar cases is a must if you have a plan to use cigars in social gatherings.

More importantly, match your cigar cases with your shoes, belt, wallet, and watch belts. If you do not do so, you will be identified that you do not have style sense. Another crucial aspect is that for different social gatherings, parties, or relaxed moments, you need different cigar cases.

For example, in a business meeting, you can go with a handmade piece. However, at hill stations, you must have a practical piece. The cigar manufacturers also understand the value of cigar cases. Therefore, they come up with some beautiful cigar packaging boxes in the market.

These boxes are designed in such a stylish way that you can use them as your cigar cases. These boxes also tell about the brand that you are using for smoking.

Use Stylish Lighters

Yes, you must have some unique lighters in your stock to impress the people. Ordinary lighters are for ordinary people, so you must come with some stylish ones in the social gatherings.

We recommend you use those torch lighters that can make your cigar prominent when you lighten up your cigar. Some experts recommend wooden matches as well, but for that, you must be expert enough to use these sticks efficiently.

Another important aspect is that you must not lighten up your cigars as you do while lighting your cigarette. Keep your cigar over the light without moving it haphazardly. Do not try to put cigars inside the light. Furthermore, do not rush and light the cigar evenly.

Do Not Cough While Smoking

It is a must! Do not use cigars if you have a cough already. Coughing can spoil all your efforts to become a style icon in public gatherings. Take small puffs and keep yourself calm during smoking.

Do not inhale much smoke if you do not use cigars regularly. Also, do not try to show that you are a cyborg.

All these practices are necessary if you are smoking in public gatherings, even when you smoke cigarettes. However, using cigars need more expertise and patience to improve your personality as an icon.

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