What is the Cost of Installing a Split System?

When it comes to analysing the cost of installing a split system air conditioner in Melbourne, various factors need to stay in your mind. Usually, the variance of the cost of installation is due to the availability of time and material. Nobody wants to install the AC next to the front door or in any other place that can create a hindrance.

The following are a few areas where you do not want to locate the outdoor unit.

1. The front portion of the door 

If you install the outdoor unit here, it can disrupt the aesthetic appeal of your home.

2. Deck or recreation area

You can expect most people to notice the outdoor unit if you install it in the deck or the entertainment area. Therefore, you can quickly move the unit to another area or a better location. Once you allow the experts to install it in a suitable area, you feel happy about the installation. 

3. Narrow paths

If you do not want to limit access to the bikes, bins, and wheelbarrows, you need not install the split AC in a narrow pathway. 

4. Garage and driveways 

You should never install the outdoor unit of the split AC in the driveway. You can face more problem of repairing or replacing the unit into the driveway.


Cost of installation


The cost of installing an air conditioner in an average-sized home can range from $500 to $5K or even more. However, for large-sized homes, the cost of installation can go up to $20K. If you want to know the total cost of installing the AC, you need to get enough labour and materials. 

Split air conditioning system installation can range from $600 to $2500, depending on the brand and capacity. You have to find out the pricing details, how the split air conditioners work, and the best brand. However, if you consider the installation of a split air conditioning system, you come to know that the average cost of installation ranges from $400 to $1000. However, there is a wide range of factors, such as accessing the area of the external unit. The model and brand to be installed are the other factors to consider, and the cost decreases when you require more than one conditioner in a single house.


The installation cost includes the charges of labour and not the unit cost. Often the installation company needs to supply a suitable split AC unit if you want, and the cost to install such a system can go up from $800.


Factors affecting the installation cost


Several factors can affect the cost of installing an AC unit. Read the following to know more about them.


· Size of the area

The large areas require AC systems with a high capacity of cooling, and the installation company needs to work more for installing the unit. You can also get appropriate advice from the company about choosing the best split AC system for your home.


· Materials

The companies charge extra for installing a split AC, such as cabling, piping, and chemicals. Moreover, the expenditure can go up when you need to install more than one unit. 


· Cooling capacity 

The more is the cooling capacity of air conditioners; the higher is the cost of installation. Depending on the charges, you can ask the installation company to supply the unit or get it from the store. 


Once you analyse the factors properly, you can decide about the work of installing the AC unit.

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