What Happens When A Family Can’t Afford A Funeral?

What Happens When A Family Can’t Afford A Funeral?

Losing a loved one is difficult, but not able to afford a funeral is even worse. It becomes even tougher for a family to not let their loved one’s soul cremate properly. It is understandable, that’s why there is a facility for budget cremation in Melbourne. If a family can’t pay for a funeral then local council or hospital can arrange public health funeral for them. This service is very short and simple. Let’s understand it from below.

Why can’t a family afford a funeral?

Funerals in Australia are not cheap. The sum-total of funeral costs of a traditional burial ranges between $7000-$15000 which is expensive. On the other hand, a cremation is also costlier. The average price range is $3000-$7000. The figures vary as per the size of cemetery and fees regulations.

The overall cost of funeral covers logistics, death certificate, filing notices and permits.

The person who arranges the funeral is the closest one either from family, or a friend. The cost can be retieved from the estate or deceased if the funeral insurance is absent. If there isn’t enough money in their estate, the person who signs the burial contract is legally responsible to pay all the funeral related expenses.

These are some of the monetary problems people face. In their emotional state of despair, these problems make them feel tensed and worried. They feel anxious about how will they process further, what will be the charges? Will it be done smoothly or not? Etc.

What do these under-privileged people do?

At such emotional times, the funeral directors of western suburbs of Melbourne or the government bodies offer help. If the situation favours, then your loved one can be cremated properly and peacefully under government supervision. The government has designed many programmes and schemes as follows 

Bereavement allowance- A benefit of welfare a person can claim when one of his closest family members passes away. This falls under the bereavement support system. 

Bereavement payment- The benefit remains the same as bereavement allowance. The amount sums-up to $2500 of an initial lump sum payment.

Widow allowance- This allowance is only for women who is divorced, separated, or is living without her spouse over a set age.

Pension bonus bereavement payment- This payment can be claimed by a spouse if their partner dies. It can only be claimed if the person was registered in a pension bonus scheme. The document should be submitted within 26 weeks of person’s death.

To benefit from these services the families contact nearest magistrates court or a legal counsel to know about the process of funeral assistance.

Apart from that there are

Some other sources of help

Assistance of state government

The state government bodies also help families to cover the cost of loved one’s funeral. In this case, it is essential for you to prove that you are under-priviliged, and can’t afford a funeral for your loved one. But you will also be expected to pay a partial amount of funeral expense, as per the contract with the state government.

Funds from bank

This is a self-help process. If your loved one had a bank balance in a particular bank, then you can withdraw that amount from the bank and put the same to cover the funeral expenses.

You will have to contact the bank and provide the identification to confirm the relationship of the deceased bank account. The bank will also ask for a set of documents which you will have to submit before they release the money.

Claiming insurance

You can claim the life-insurance or superannuation to pay for the funeral. This is the most common approach, most families in Australia use to cover the relevant costs of burying their loved one. Super funds allow individuals to nominate a name of who will receive the amount after they die.

Thus, these are some of the ways in which a family can arrange a funeral for the peace of departed soul. If you are planning to get in touch with some funeral directors in northern suburbs of Melbourne then end your search at Redwoodfunerals.com.


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