Trends for Wood Flooring in 2022

Tired of your parquet? We will give you Flooring Trends 2022 to renovate it in your house! With a little paint applied in the right places, you can indeed give it a hell of a facelift and hide its imperfections.

Trends for Wood Flooring in 2022
Trends for Wood Flooring in 2022

Are you looking for a way to energize your interior? Think about the ground! There are indeed a multitude of original coverings which, once installed, completely transform the atmosphere of a place. Discover in our slideshow some alternatives to traditional floor coverings ...

Tired of your parquet? We will give you Flooring Trends 2022 to renovate it in your house! With a little paint applied in the right places, you can indeed give it a hell of a facelift and hide its imperfections. Thanks to this intervention, your entire interior will be transformed! And for those who don't like parquet, we also offer an overview of all the Flooring Trends 2022 suchh as: ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, marble adorned with graphic patterns, waxed concrete ... Original materials which, by their nature or their arrangement, will give a real personality to your interior!

The choice of a floor covering is above all decorative, but it is essential that it is adapted to the room in which it will be installed. It is therefore important to carefully study the development project before making a choice. Each floor covering has its specific qualities and properties. The choice is guided by aesthetics, but also budget and technical constraints.


Tiles, robust and easy to maintain, are one of the most common and popular floor coverings. We discover it in a multitude of formats, decors and aspects. Its advantages are numerous, in particular its ease of maintenance and its resistance over time. Aesthetic, it adapts to any room in the house, from the smallest to the largest with its XXL, square, octagonal or mosaic formats. The multitude of colors and imitations of materials available on the market make tiling a safe bet in the planning and decoration of the home.


Parquet, resistant over time, is a lasting investment. It can be renovated several times over the years, by sanding it and vitrifying it. The different finishes and widths of slats available create a warm and natural atmosphere in the house. Purchased raw, it can be oiled, waxed, vitrified or painted. The vitrification, mat or shiny, makes it resistant to stains and scratches. It is important to note that oil or wax requires regular and more delicate maintenance.

You don't like the color of your parquet and your eye is hopelessly drawn to its imperfections? Paint it white! The atmosphere of the room will be completely transformed and the defects of the floor masked.


If white is a little too "zen" for you, know that you can also dare the color! Example here with this workspace whose parquet has been painted blue. Once again, the approach makes it possible to hide the imperfections of the ground but above all to bring a real touch of originality. The piece thus takes on a status apart. Be careful, however, that the room is sufficiently bright. Otherwise, the color may compress the volume. The most economical flooring, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is easy to install and maintain. It also offers sound comfort, which does not resonate when walking.


Presented in the form of tiles, slats or rolls, PVC flooring is now much more aesthetic than before. Imitations of materials such as parquet, cement tiles, waxed concrete, stone, marble or metal offer many decorative possibilities. Note that in the form of slabs, this flooring can be placed on an old tile. Convenient in the event of a renovation.


In bedrooms or relaxation rooms, the carpet is ideal. Available in many colors and materials, it can be warm, comfortable, and above all easy to maintain. Insulating, it absorbs sounds and vibrations. Like PVC, it can be installed directly over old floor coverings. Decorative, natural fiber floors such as sisal or seagrass look different depending on the model: straight, basketweave, herringbone. Resistant, they insulate the floor and absorb shocks and noise.



In addition to the color, you can also play with the orientation of the boards of your parquet. In this apartment, which has only one room, the spaces are indeed subtly delimited thanks to the arrangement of the oak parquet.

The slats laid lengthwise and following the lines of the cube, from the wall behind the bedroom to the window, materialize the resting space, while the kitchen slats are laid across the width of about one meter to circumscribe this space un little more technical. Clever in the absence of partitions!


Graphic lines to structure and energize an entry

If the idea of ​​putting a carpet on the floor to energize your entrance does not appeal to you, especially for a question of hygiene, consider tiles with integrated patterns. You can use it to create a "false carpet" or, as here, a kind of table that takes up the entire floor space and guides the footsteps of visitors.

Echoing the ceiling moldings and to give a taste of the apartment's style, decorators have chosen to opt for an Art Deco fresco. The eye is immediately drawn to it! No need to add a lot of elements to complete the decor. 


Porcelain tiles like old cement tiles

Cement tiles are making a comeback in our interiors. Wishing to give this new kitchen the cachet of the old, the interior designer agencies offered to dress almost the entire floor. But beware of appearances! These are not "real" cement tiles but porcelain stoneware imitation cement tiles. The rendering is the same but not the cost, an ideal material for small budgets.


A checkerboard-style tiling to add pep to a bathroom

Who said checkerboard tiling should be reserved for stylish homes? The architects offer to , use that  here in a loft! It covers the floor but also the main wall and the backsplash of the bathroom of a master bedroom. The result is very original and full of pep but remains discreet because the tiles cannot be seen from the bedroom, they are hidden by a partition!


A juxtaposition of different tiles to separate spaces

Like parquet, tiles can also be used to materialize spaces. In this apartment, tiling has been chosen to delimit each space. The circulation areas, the office, the kitchen, the living room ... All the rooms have a different one. Its massive presence also undoubtedly contributes to the charm of the apartment. With its typical 40s mosaics, it gives the place an atypical "retro" personality.


Some blades painted white to create a visual effect

Existing floors can be revitalized with a few brushstrokes. Some slats here have been painted white - the same color as the walls - so as to accentuate the perspectives of the place and to facilitate the integration of the shelves. It's a bit as if the walls are dripping onto the floor, encompassing all the storage elements with visual continuity.


A waxed concrete imitation floor for a modern effect

When left in its simplest device, the floor sometimes catches the eye just as much as when it is dressed in a covering. To modernize the place, the architect can opt for a raw concrete floor in all the rooms. Concretely, it is a simple varnished leveling screed imitating waxed concrete. Its irregular appearance allows it to stand out from new concrete constructions and contrasts with the very smooth and white walls. Immediate modernizing effect!


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