Top Inclusions Of Strata Cleaning Brisbane Services

As far as strata cleaning Brisbane are concerned, people don’t have much idea of what’s involved in the process, so the question of DIY doesn’t rise here at all. Still, it is believed that when DIY is not required, even then you should have a good amount of information on what’s included and what not so that you can get better quality services from the strata cleaning provider. Here in this post, we will cover the main inclusions of the task of strata cleaning.

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Outside the premises

Car Parks

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  • As a part of strata cleaning services, the professionals will clean the entire car park to make it look attractive and enticing.
  • This will also be done with the view of preventing any criminal activity in that area.

Graffiti and Vandalism

  • Using high pressure water and paint softener, these strata cleaning providers can set any property free from graffiti or vandalism that is like an eyesore.
  • However, the method of cleaning would depend entirely on the kind of paint used in graffiti formation.

Window Cleaning

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  • As a part of their services, these experts will also perform window cleaning and for hard to reach areas, they will use water-fed washer.
  • They will also help these windows in freeing themselves from salt build-up that requires attention on an urgent basis.

Rubbish and Recycling Removal

  • These strata cleaning providers will ensure that all commercial rubbish and recycling are taken care of to keep the premises entirely clean and nice.
  • Their task would be to make sure that all rubbish is collected and stored safely for disposal.

Inside the premises

  • Floors – This would include vacuuming over the carpet, floorboards and hardwood surfaces and wet and dry mopping of tiles.
  • Interior surfaces – This would include steps like dusting and wiping over interior surfaces and window sills, shelves, desks and skirting boards.

Other areas covered by professional strata cleaning providers are –

  • Interior windows & Doors
  • Stairs and Handrails
  • Kitchens

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