Top 5 Reasons To Buy And Wear Victorian Two Tone Jewelry

Fashion trends have the habit of coming back. So it is always good to keep a few pieces from different eras that you can use from time to time. If you were thinking of buying two-tone Victorian jewelry but weren't sure of it, we hope this article gives you some clarity.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy And Wear Victorian Two Tone Jewelry

Are you fascinated by vintage jewelry but struggle to find reasons to buy and wear them? Worry not! Vintage jewelry never goes out of style. It is unique, evergreen, and reeks of elegance and beauty. Each piece is crafted with love and has intricate work, making it jewelry worth acquiring.

A Quick Guide To Some Of The Most Revered Early Victorian Jewelry Styles:

  • Stunning Acrostic jewelry -

Acrostic jewelry was a sentiment to the Romantics. The distinct feature of this jewelry was that the gemstones were arranged in a way so that the initials together spelled a lovable word.

  • The arrival of the Cameos -

A popular belief is that tourists visiting ruins in Italy liked to collect cameos as souvenirs. The materials used in making these were shells, corals, and stones of lava, which gave it an earthy look.

  • The gorgeous Chatelains -

Isn't it cool how one could carry essentials in a belt without holding something all the time? Chatelains were belts with pins or hooks that helped carry things back in the day. 

Victorian Two Tone Jewelry - 5 Reasons Why You Need This Classic Jewelry Design In Your Wardrobe:

  • 1. The Victorian bijou pieces are distinctively aesthetic -

Handpicked and carefully curated, the wholesale two-tone jewelry is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The softness of the stones gives it a romantic and dreamy touch, making it ideal for acing that royal look. 

  • 2. The Victorian bijou pieces are cost-effective -

VAT and manufacturing costs are not chargeable on second-hand or antique jewelry. Hence, you get these Victorian jewelry pieces at a much lower price. Their value does not deplete over time. It remains the same as your buying price. What's better than hoarding classics without having to burn a hole in your pocket? 

  • 3. Each Victorian bijou piece has a story -

One thing that makes jewelry of different eras stand out is the story behind these hand-curated pieces. It is like carrying a piece of history with us and redefining its story with a touch of our life. 

  • 4. With Victorian jewelry, authenticity, and quality are top notches

The best part of vintage jewelry is that you do not have to worry about the quality. Jewelers give special attention to details while making it, and it can elevate even a boring outfit.

  • 5. Victorian jewelry pieces are unique -

In ancient times, the jewelry did not have copies. A person couldn't create a replica due to the intricate details. You are most unlikely to find the same piece twice. 

Where To Buy Premium Vintage Victorian Two Tone Jewelry Wholesale From:

We know that getting your hands on good-quality jewelry can be a real headache. Multiple websites come on our feed. But here are a few reasons why you should consider Gemexi;

  • 100% genuine products -

At Gemexi, our silver goes through a rigid quality test before making it to the production process to help us ensure that every piece of gemstone silver jewelry that reaches you, is fully genuine and authentic. 

  • Unique pieces -

At Gemexi, we house hundreds of varieties of premium sterling silver, handmade gemstone jewelry, and Victorian two-tone jewelry. From wholesale Victorian two-tone rings to Victorian two-tone 925 silver earrings wholesale - every piece of jewelry at Gemexi is “one of a kind”. 

  • Unparalleled customer service -

We, at Gemexi, are committed to bringing you the best - not only in terms of jewelry but also in the case of customer service. Our efficient and reliable after-sales service makes us one of the best wholesale silver jewelry dealers. 

5 Tips To Style Victorian Two Tone Silver & Gold Jewelry In The 21st Century:

Victorian two-tone Silver and Gold Jewelry is a timeless classic that can add a touch of regality to any outfit. But it can be quite a task to pair it with 21st-century fashion trends. So if you, too, like dressing up as one of those Victorian characters, here are a few tips and styles to help you with it. 

  • Go for a monochrome look -

The secret to looking chic yet elegant is to stick to a single-color family. If you wear the same color from top to bottom, it will not look nice. So, wear different hues and shades of the same color. It gives a dimension to the outfit and makes you look put together. To accessorize, wear Victorian jewelry with stones matching the outfit's color. 

  • Less is more -

Who said you need to walk all the way to look good? Stick to two colors for your outfit, and then pair it with Victorian jewelry that contrasts it. If your outfit is black, white, or in hues of grey, it is the easiest to grab a piece that will look good. It happens because the jewelry gets to steal the attention as the outfit is minimal. It works best for statement jewelry as well as classics. 

  • Play with different eras -

I know it sounds tricky, but here's the catch. Choose an outfit that dates back to the 1950s, like a flapper dress, puffy sleeves, or a poodle skirt. Then pair it with either a Victorian necklace, brooches, or a ring. It will give you an overall rustic look but with an edgy vibe.

  • The art of layering -

To layer your outfit with Victorian jewelry, you need to have quite a collection. When you want your jewelry to stand out, stick to a basic outfit. You can either go for black, white, or beige, as they provide a neutral canvas for the jewelry since the aim is to display as much Victorian jewelry as we can; wear all that you have in your collection that goes well with the outfit. Do not overdo the layering, but.

  • The touch of New Age Fashion -

If you are someone who likes a subtle yet refined look, this method is perfect for you. For the outfit, go for a clean, structured outfit. It will help the softness of the jewelry to stand out. The key to getting this right is to let both the outfit and the accessory breathe on their own. So, it is best to pair it with rings, bracelets, or dangler earrings.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, we know how important it is for you to collect timeless yet chic jewelry. It is why we recommend Gemexi's wholesale handmade gemstone silver jewelry collection. Head to our website, and check for yourself!


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