The Complete Guide to Bird Netting and How it Protects Your Garden

Like any other living creature, birds strive to find food to survive. Birds are attracted to places with easy access to food and water, like gardens or landscapes. To protect your garden from birds in a natural and friendly way, you must learn how to install a bird net. Bird netting is a standard method gardeners use to ward off birds that would eat and destroy their crops, harvest, or produce.

The Complete Guide to Bird Netting and How it Protects Your Garden

Professional gardeners nurse their lawns at all times. They are also aware that birds may swoop and wreck their field at any time. That’s when they come up with a crude and creature-friendly method to fend off birds, and this procedure is called bird netting.

 Undoubtedly, bird netting is economical and easy to apply to any garden – be it a flower, water, horticulture, or container garden. I believe that you don’t want the birds to crash your decade of hard work. Organic gardeners also believe that bird netting is the most humane tactic as it protects your garden without physically harming the birds.

 If you want to know the steps to install one, keep reading this guide. Let us slowly yet efficiently learn the meaning and types of bird net before we go through the efforts of bird net installation.


What is Bird Netting?

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Bird netting is the only bird-proofing method that physically separates an unwanted bird from its intended location. A bird net commonly wraps huge surface areas like gardens, roofs, landscapes, and other architectural infrastructures that need bird netting.

 As professionals say, a bird net must be durable enough to withstand all weather conditions, stable enough to last in robust winds, and efficient to ward off birds without substantially hurting or killing them.

 In contrast to the conventional bird control techniques of scaring the birds away, garden netting is much more efficient. Indeed, you can quickly secure one since bird nets are available nationwide and inexpensive to purchase. 


Different Types of Bird Netting

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As I’ve mentioned, there are various types and styles of bird nets to choose from. That’s why it is necessary to extensively understand the strengths and weaknesses of each bird netting type before purchasing one in the market. 

Please take a look at these bird control types and styles of bird nets across the globe;

·       No-Knot Bird Netting

                     This type of bird netting is suitable for gardeners considered beginners on the field. No-Knot bird netting is made of a polyethylene net that is much more durable than a lightweight bird net. This kind of bird netting is too uncomplicated to install in your garden.

                     Plenty of gardeners chose this type of bird net since it is heavy-duty, waterproof, and flame resistant. Lastly, the No-Knot bird net seals and secure all openings in an infrastructure, garden, or landscape. 

Ductile Bird Netting

                     What would be the strengths of a Ductile bird net? This type of bird netting is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and chemical resistant. This bird netting comes in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your installation needs. If you have a small-scale garden, this bird netting is perfect for you, and in the most humanitarian way possible, this flexible bird netting prevents obtrusive birds from entering your park.


4” Mesh Bird Netting

                     This kind of bird netting is frequently called visible bird net. 4” Mesh bird net comes in various shades and is resistant to damaging UV radiation. If you have a large-scale garden or landscape of crop, this bird net is optimal for you. This kind of bird netting is mainly used in commercial and residential buildings. However, the installation of this type of bird net is quite strenuous. It requires power tools and specialized boosts to put this in position correctly. If you choose this kind of bird net, you should hire some professionals who would install this in your garden.

Extruded Bird Netting

                     Extruded type of bird netting is mainly utilized in floral gardens. It is lightweight as it needs less support. It directly covers your harvest, crop, or produce. Extruded bird netting is a highly cost-effective solution for unwanted tiny types of birds like Starlings or Sparrows. If you choose this one, the installation would be effortless, and you may not need to hire some professionals to do it.


How to Install Bird Netting in Your Garden

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After knowing the different types of bird netting, we’ll go through the necessary steps to install a bird net in your garden. 

1. Monitor and observe.

         Before installing the bird net into your garden, monitoring and locating where the birds would roost, land, and nest is best. It would help if you also searched for every entrance and exit point where they used to swoop. Keep in mind that there’s a massive possibility that birds would still locate your garden if you don’t search their passageways.

2. The optimal area to place your bird net.

         After the first step, you should navigate where you would set your bird netting. Either the complicated area of your garden should be wrapped with bird netting, or all possible bird entry points should be closed. Keeping the bird netting away from any materials that could harm it is significant. This includes hot surfaces, moving equipment, or machinery.


3. Know the exact measurement.

         You should precisely measure the area where you would place the net. Ensure that the elevation variations are projected along the installation path. It would help just you jutting down any joists, pipes, beams, or other structures that could provide additional support to the bird net. This might be a good alternative if there aren’t any areas where the bird net would be placed.

 4. Installation Process

                     I. Install intermediate fixings for 55mm and 65mm bird net with 1.5m intervals for each corner.

                           II. Secure the fixings by pushing them through the bird net’s holes and into the ground.

                   III. You must tightly press the fixings not to let the insects, rodents, and pests go through your garden's netted area.

                   IV. Aside from fixtures, you should also install a regular zipper for each corner of the bird net. You may use a hog ringer tool for the zipper installation of your bird net.

                   V. Once all corners of the bird net are secured, you’re completely done.


Why You Should Use Bird Netting To Protect Your Garden


Indeed, bird netting is convenient, effective, and uncomplicated way to deflect birds from destroying your garden. Remember that bird netting doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals that would harm the flowers, crops, or produce in your garden. Moreover, this economical method is highly robust, recyclable, and washable, making it the most environmentally friendly bird-proofing option globally. So, purchase and install one now!

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