Preventing Diaper Rash in Adults with Incontinence

Diaper rash among adults is a condition where the skin might have redness, irritation and probably itch around the diaper area.

Preventing Diaper Rash in Adults with Incontinence

Diaper rash among adults is a condition where the skin might have redness, irritation and probably itch around the diaper area. You might also have pain, burning or get boils. Another term for this condition is diaper dermatitis. The rashes can be of different types. However, you could opt for reusable and washable briefs and underwear that are less likely to cause skin issues. You could easily find pads for men if you look them up online. You could browse from a wide range of options and buy the best men's diapers in Australia

You might be using diapers during heavy incontinence or while outside your home. In such cases, there are high chances for diaper rash to occur. Some of the symptoms of diaper rash could be burning skin, itchy spots, pink or dry patches, tenderness or pain in the skin and boils or bumps filled with fluid. The symptoms might also appear around the genital area, thighs, buttocks or even up to the hips.

Causes for diaper rash in Adults

If you frequently make use of wet diapers and incontinence briefs for a longer time, it would lead to constant dampness on the skin which is the main cause of diaper rash among adults. Have a look at some other possible causes:


•         Skin irritation that might arise from constant rubbing against the diapers in individuals who have sensitive skin


•          Lack of hygiene or due to improper washing


•         Allergic reaction against dye, perfumes or materials within the diaper or incontinence pad


•         The fungal infection known as candidiasis is caused due to dampness and heat in the area


•         Yeast and bacterial infections


The causes of diaper rash might vary depending on the pH levels of the skin and sensitivity. However, one of the advantages here is that people with incontinence could opt for a diaper rash treatment which would get cured soon.

Diaper rash treatment among adults

You might be wondering how to get rid of adult diaper rash. Take a look at some of the options to treat diaper rash.  

•         Make use of an OTC adult diaper cream that contains zinc oxide

•         Use underwear with heavy absorbing capacity

•         Apply petroleum jelly over the ointment

Apply the cream around 3 to 4 times a day after drying the affected area. You should also try to reduce the use of diaper pads until the affected area gets recovered fully. 

Schedule a Doctor's Visit

If the treatment measures don't provide proper results and show signs of recovery even after a few days, the rash might be severe and you will have to visit the doctor. The doctor would examine the skin and suggest stronger cream or any other treatment for diaper rash. If there is a fungal or yeast infection, the doctor would recommend antifungal ointments and oral medicines.  

Home Remedies

If you have mild diaper rash symptoms, you could opt to apply aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, cornstarch, shea butter, diluted apple cider vinegar or calamine lotion.

Natural way to Prevent Diaper Rash

To prevent diaper rashes, you should frequently change the diapers and let the area dry up multiple times a day. You can also apply anti-moisture ointment before you wear a diaper. Make use of hypoallergenic products or creams that are specially designed for people with incontinence. If possible, take a break from using diapers and pads. Also, avoid wearing tight diapers. Modifying the day to day practices is the best method to prevent diaper rash among adults. 






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