Pest Control In Winter - When They Go Into Hiding

Winter is a time when many like to relax by the fire or stay warm in some other way.

Pest Control In Winter - When They Go Into Hiding

Winter is a time when many like to relax by the fire or stay warm in some other way. The same applies to animals and birds; in fact, there are several animals that go into hibernation and birds that migrate. It also applies to pests to some extent as well. We tend to see fewer insects invading the house as compared to summer.

Many people are mistaken into thinking pests die away in winter, but this is not entirely true. The pests seek warm places to hide and ensure they have a food source. This includes many types of pests like ants, rats, bed bugs, termites, etc.

This article explains why we see fewer pests in winter and the precautions one should take to avoid pest infestation. It is a must-read for those searching for solutions of pest control in Sydney.

Why are there few pests in winter?

Pests have plenty of foolproof survival strategies during winter to avoid detection. This applies to many types of pests including bedbugs, rats, termites and many other insects as well.

Here are a few techniques that several pests use to infest your houses during winter and yet stay hidden from sight:

  • Bedbugs: Bedbugs can withstand a high degree of fluctuation in temperature. From freezing temperature to 50 degrees Celsius. Thus, they have plenty of options when it comes to finding a hiding place. Homes are the perfect place for bedbug infestation; it is a place with plenty of warm places to hide and enough supply of food. In fact, they can also survive for several months without eating.

  • Termites: Different species of termites use different techniques during winter. They can stay safe by digging deep into the soil and stay warm. There is also a type of termite called the dry wood termites that seek shelter in dry wood; this is usually in a suitable house. They invade houses during winter using many such techniques seeking warmer climate conditions. Termites can potentially be active all around the year.

Preventing Pest Infestation in Winter

Pests like rats, mice, termites, etc. tends to infest houses during winter. Rats and mice tend to find dark places to hide like the attic and the basement. Here are a few important tips to prevent pest infestation in winter.

  • Close all small openings in your house and block any cracks that you find.
  • Keeping all open areas clutter-free and keeping cardboard boxes and cartons off the floor is a good precaution.
  • Inspect your house for signs of rat or mice droppings and damaged food.

Seeking Help From the Experts

There are many methods of dealing with pests using home remedies; however, this is not the easiest thing to do especially during winter when they are harder to find. It is best to seek professional termite control in Sydney who has the expertise to handle a complex situation.

The professionals have several effective techniques to get rid of pests and keep them out. All the products that they use will always contain a minimal amount of pesticide and be less toxic. Controlling pests effectively means an ability to prevent exposure to illness.

Besides being able to keep yourself and your family safe it is beneficial to the building in the long run and it also means you can spend time on more productive issues rather than fighting pests. Termites and other pests have the potential of causing widespread damage to households. Seeking help from professional Pest Control Ipswich will bring peace of mind and ensure your house is safer for children and pets.


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