Body Lift Kit or Suspension Lift Kits: What's Best For My Truck?

Confused between Body lift kit or suspension lift kit, Don't Worry Just read this blog and you will find the solution

Body Lift Kit or Suspension Lift Kits:  What's Best For My Truck?

If you plan to lift your truck and make room to fit larger off-road tires, you generally have two
options to choose from installing a Body Lift Kit or a Suspension Lift Kit. Some of the drivers
are fond of taking their trucks for off-roading, but they are unaware of these two kit's differences.

With most of these extensions selling online, you may not get the chance to ask these questions
from the seller, but not at PerfectLift; you can always give us a call at 1300543854 to talk to our
experts about anything you need to know about your off-roading needs.

If you want to make full use of your Lifted Truck, read the full article to learn about the
differences between a Body Lift Kit and Suspension Lift Kits and how it will affect your ride
to make the right choice before you buy your accessory from PerfectLift.

What You Need to Know About Body Lift Kit: 

Body Lift Kit raises the height of your truck from its frame. It gives you the room required for
fitting the larger tires to your truck.

Still, you will not get the proper ground clearance as you
would get with suspension lift kits, so you may face some difficulties while driving over the
rocks, trees, and other material you might find on the trails you choose for your off-roading.
Body Lift Kits have limited options to choose from that are from two to five inches, so you won't
be able to raise your truck to the desired height as you would with a suspension lift kits, but 
an increase of few inches of height would be enough if you want to keep it simple.

If you desire to get a quick rise to the body of your truck or Jeep with few inches in a limited
budget, a Body Lift Kit will do the job for you. 

What You Need to Know About Suspension Lift Kits:

If you are passionate about taking your truck for off-roading, suspension lift kits are the perfect
choice for you. Suspension Lift Kits are designed to extend your vehicle's suspension, raising the
whole truck all the way. You will be able to install the larger tires to your truck and get more
ground clearance, so you can travel in all kinds of trails without worrying about damaging your
vehicle's underbelly. 
However, you will have to spend more on suspension lift kits than body lift kits. You may also
face a problem if you plan to install them on your if you don't have much experience in doing so.
You don't need to be a professional mechanic to do the job on your own. 
Installing the kit would only take few hours of yours.

They come with clear instructions about
how to install them in your vehicle that includes every step of the process. If you are not
comfortable installing them on your own, you can always take your vehicle to your local
mechanic's shop to get them installed. 

Raising your vehicle by more than a couple of inches by adding a kit to your vehicle will change
the way it handles on the road and off-road. The further you add the height to the suspension, the
more your truck's ride may change. These kits come with a wide range of suspension parts that

you can include being comfortable behind the wheel. While you will have to adopt a change in
your driving habits, anyone can learn to drive a lifted truck with a little bit of practice. If you are
planning to raise your truck's suspension, you need to learn to go slow and take your time on the

Choose the Right Modification for your Vehicle:
Making a choice between suspension lift kits and body lift kits totally depends upon what you
expect from your vehicle. If you just want to feel a bit of rising in height while sitting behind the
wheel in your vehicle, body lift kits may be the perfect choice for you.

But, if you want to enjoy
the great outdoor storm by taking your vehicle for an off-road experience, you definitely need to
go with the suspension lift kits instead. 

Choose the kit that's made specifically for your vehicle. While deciding what size of kit to install
to your vehicle, you have to choose according to the tire and wheel size that you want to see on
your vehicle. You can always give a call to one of our professionals at PerfectLift to consult
about what's right for your vehicle. 

You can always use this guide to make the right choice while deciding what to choose for your
the vehicle according to your requirements and also help your friends and family by sharing our
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