How To Tell If Your AC Is Running Efficiently

How To Tell If Your AC Is Running Efficiently

ACs have made our life so comfortable during this rising heat may it be due to the summer season itself or global warming. But there are times we irritate with it when the AC doesn’t cool so fast, haven’t you been there? So is it a sign that your AC is not working efficiently? Is there anything you can do about it? In this article we will discuss how to know if your AC is working efficiently or not.

Points to Tell Your AC is Running Efficiently or Not: 

  • Sudden high electricity bills 

Yes, ever gone shocked that your electricity bill becomes high when there has been no function at your home? Then you may need to keep an eye on your AC, maybe it’s not working efficiently. It may be high-time for air conditioning maintenance. AC by nature works more efficiently consuming less electricity. 

  • Constant Repairing

If you are the person calling out for frequent repairs for your AC then yes it’s common sense that your AC is not working properly! 

When AC repairing increases efficiency only for a few days then consider buying a new AC. 

If you are still under the warranty period of the AC consider calling your company provider so that you can avail their warranty services if any is present. 

  • Your AC is 10 years old! 

Well most of the manufacturing companies provide warranty services upto 10 years itself! So if your AC Is more than 10 years old then consider buying a new AC if you suspect that your AC is not working properly. 

  • Your AC is not being Cool anymore! 

If you suspect that your AC is not able to maintain or decrease the temperature it usually uses then you can cross check by using a laboratory thermometer, usually AC takes about 15 minutes to make your room according to your desired temperature if you feel it doesn’t then probably your AC is not working efficiently. 

  • Leakage of water 

When the interconnected duct and Pipe system of your AC is leaking then it surely indicates that the efficiency of your AC is very low and thereby your AC is working very poorly. 

  • Duct clogging 

Duct clogging can lead to insufficient air coming out from your AC, this can be only identified during maintenance of your AC, so during maintenance of your AC make sure to check the duct system of your AC.

  • High Humidity 

Well this point could be connected to the previous points. If you feel that humidity in your room is high in spite of low temperature and increased ‘turbo’ cooling. Whatever settings your AC manufacturing provides then you may suspect that your AC is not working properly. 

  • Unusual noises 

If your AC is being loud enough that you can’t sleep then without a doubt your AC is not working. ACs are designed in a way to minimize noise, so do keep an ear to your AC! 

  • Bad odours 

This is one of the last signs when your AC is not working efficiently. And you may need to opt for central air repair service. Also, you can clean your systems. 

So you can make sure if your AC is efficiently working or if your AC is making you less efficient!

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