Hospitality Charities - Helping Those In Need

Hospitality Charities - Helping Those In Need

The current pandemic has had a devastating effect on the hospitality and leisure industries and has reached the point where many have shut their doors never to reopen again.

 Thousands have lost their jobs, and cannot feed their families, others have lost their homes and cannot afford basic human necessities.

These repercussions have placed a huge emotional burden on many who are now experiencing health issues such as anxiety depression, loneliness, and hunger.

Charitable Organisations from around the world are doing their best to provide food, shelter, and emotional support for those in need, but they too are facing never-before-seen challenges.

The challenge for charitable organizations has always been raising funds to support their causes. Whereas in the past organizers relied heavily on fundraising events in the form of dinners, dances, and other social activities, in the main, these have all been put on hold due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. is a genuine Global platform featuring hospitality-related charities from around the world. Our mission to raise awareness among the suppliers and service providers who are featured on our Hospitality Freight and Leisure Directories, and the thousands who visit our pages daily.

Food and beverage suppliers featured on Hospitality Chain can support their local charities by providing food relief. Food that is nearing use by date or cannot be sold due to faulty packaging can be put to good use by local food banks and soup kitchens. 

 Sadly over 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year, at a cost of approx. USD310 Billion.

Freight and logistics companies featured on World Freight Direct can offer their services for the transport of food and water, and equipment to difficult to reach locations

Tour and leisure activities operators featured on Leisure Chain can assist charities by providing an adventure tour, horseback ride, kayaking or ballooning, bike ride through the forest, etc. Such activities can provide relief and ease some of the pressures for those who current experience challenging times. There are many activities that can bring a smile to the face of those undergoing emotional hardships.

Please visit and check out the hundreds of charities listed

 You can offer your support in the form of donations, time, or simply by sharing our website details among your friends and colleagues, who may very well need support right now.

NOTE: Hospitality Charites is solely and completely funded by the founders. We do not charge any advertising fees or listing fees of this website. Free to Use By All


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