Five Common Website Design Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

This is the optimal time to look at your web strategies and lookout for some of the common web design mistakes to avoid.

Five Common Website Design Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

In the past decade, internet market space has been significantly increasing. Over the years, websites have become the new business cards with more and more businesses going online. 

In recent times, with people across the world restrained to their homes, there has been a further boom. The pandemic has got more and more people shifting online for shopping in different segments. 

Thus, businesses require a professional website to gain new customers' confidence by establishing credibility and fostering client relationships. 

An ideal website will provide:

  • a great user experience
  • a steady flow of targeted leads
  • Sales!

This is the optimal time to look at your web strategies and lookout for some of the common web design mistakes to avoid. If you aren't sure, it's advisable to avail web design services from Melbourne experts.

Let's take a look at some of the common web design mistakes which can be avoided.

Not using responsive websites:

Designing mobile-first websites are the approach of designing and developing for multiple devices with one codebase. Responsive web design is a very good technique, which uses CSS3 media queries to change the look and dimension based on the size of the screen. It is a technology-agnostic, mostly SEO friendly solution which works on every device.

Experts of responsive web design in Melbourne will develop your website to be mobile friendly and work perfectly on all smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptop, and other web-enabled devices. 

A lack of clear call to action:

Missing out or not creating a lasting impression with your call to action is one of the worst website mistakes. 

The best user-friendly experience regarding your website will answer questions like what, where and why. A call to action will help the visitors easily navigate across the website. 

Examples of some of the strong website CTAs include:

  • Contact Us Today!
  • Get Started
  • Add to Cart
  • Sign Up
  • Buy Now.

No analytics to measure performance:

It is very important to look at the data behind a website, for the user indulgence and bounce rate. Your website is an investment, and one of the most important things is to ensure that you track this investment's progress. Some companies provide web design services in Melbourne to help you deliver an easy and smooth user experience.  

Also, they will help you test and track with a metrics tool- Google Analytics. It is the most widely used tool and gives loads of valuable information about user behaviour. It also allows you to set up goals to track conversions. 

Not providing enough customer information:

Some websites spend a lot of money on advertising and driving customers to their website, but in the end, provide insufficient information. Users will get diverted due to lack of information, leading to the waste of money in running campaigns. 

Not having quality website content:

A website will be able to attract customers if the content of the website is meaningful and relatable. Good and creative content will attract users to your website, providing it with an upper hand over your competitors. SEO friendly will further help rank your website higher on search engine results. 


It would be a great start to have a website in case you don't have one. Also, if you do, getting it updated to bear the fruits will help in better conversions. If your website isn't responsive, take help of responsive web design Melbourne experts.  

Avoid these common mistakes and boost your website to widen your business's reach. 

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