Do Your Business Need Strata Painting Services?

Strata and commercial painting offers value in the long term by helping you to save money and keeping your paintwork in pristine condition and healthy for longer.

Do Your Business Need Strata Painting Services?

Maintaining a positive image and reputation with your clientele is crucial for the well-being of your business. Many factors need thoughtful consideration, but by and large, for many businesses, the physical looks of the premises and the interior matter. For this reason, successful businesses invest substantially in interior decorators, furnishings and commercial painters.


What is The Role of Strata Painting in Attracting Business?


Strata painters can aid your business by maintaining the exteriors of your building in prime condition so that it keeps looking pristine for your customers. Commercial buildings, offices, government organisations, malls and educational facilities often seek commercial or strata painting services. These buildings require regular repainting and upkeep to continually attract and bring in their customers who value clean aesthetics and want to be in a pleasant place.


Would you want to shop, live or send your kids to a school building that looks dull, untidy and unmaintained? Regular maintenance through repainting buildings also benefits small business owners. Per the nature of business, the conditions of the premises affect the image of the business in general.


What Does Strata Painting Involve?


In simple terms, strata work involves painting services on commercial buildings on a large scale, including:


  • Interior areas.
  • Waterproof membrane application and all coating.
  • Lead & asbestos paint management and removal.
  • Concrete & render repairs.
  • Programmed upkeep and touch-ups.
  • Graffiti and Stain removal/prevention.
  • High-pressure washing to eliminate toxic materials.


Access to All Areas


Strata painters Sydney are not limited as to where they can work. They can work on high rise buildings and possess all the required equipment, such as scaffolding and support platforms, to get the job done at heights.


Lead/ Asbestos Management


Strata painters possess the knowledge of lead-based paints and asbestos. These materials need to be handled properly, especially in older buildings else it can get harmful. Professional strata painting services can provide a solution and help you deal with it.


Enduring Paintwork


Strata and commercial painting offers value in the long term by helping you to save money and keeping your paintwork in pristine condition and healthy for longer. Dust, grime, dirt and mould accrual over time can spoil the paint film, and you might have to carry out a complete repainting to restore the lost glory. Strata and commercial painters in Sydney maintain the surface and keep it as healthy and pristine as possible, applying the new coating and touch-ups as and when required.


The Bottom Line


Strata painting services guarantee the exterior and interior of the properties you manage are in prime condition. The building’s finishing is equally important as its structural wholeness, maintaining the paintwork in excellent condition to uphold its spotless image. The building’s exterior looks reflect professional and systematic strata management.


Now you know whom to call when your commercial building starts looking dull, dingy or dreary and begins affecting your business negatively. Yes, call strata and professional painters in Sydney!

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