What Makes Buying Second-Hand Scaffolding Worthwhile?

Here are the tips to consider you have to keep in mind when you buy second-hand scaffolding.

What Makes Buying Second-Hand Scaffolding Worthwhile?

Well, there is no denying that buying scaffolding can be a crucial investment for any business. As budgets on all projects are being continuously lowered, builders, contractors and roofers look for possibilities all the time to lower overheads and keep costs manageable.

At some point, almost every builder, contractor and roofer will have to buy scaffolding to guarantee that their business is appropriately equipped and operational. Though many of the businesses choose to hire scaffold, yet many opt for buying scaffolding outright. With cash flow and budget limitations, buying new scaffolding may not be an option for some, so buying used scaffolding may become a viable option. Well, buying second-hand scaffolding or refurbished scaffolding benefit many businesses as they don’t have to shell out an enormous amount of capital for it and it reduces their burden greatly.

Are you thinking to buy second-hand scaffolding? Well, here are the crucial considerations you need to take into account:

What Type Of Scaffolding System Do You Need?

First, you need to determine which type of scaffolding system will best suit your project’s requirements. However, as soon as you decide to buy used scaffolding, never make the mistake to buy the cheapest alternatives. Many businesses will immediately look to online sources like Gumtree or eBay to spot the inexpensive option.

Low-priced used scaffolding may not be reliable

Well, there are many listings on these sites, but be very careful because low-priced doesn’t always mean a bargain. When buying privately, you need to take extra care because it might require to be replaced very soon, which could prove expensive over the long run and it could be unsafe for your employees to work with.

Nonetheless, if you do choose to buy used scaffolding on sale from online sites then you need to carry out the following checks:

  • Has the scaffolding undergone any repairs or reconditioning in the past? If yes, when and who did it.
  • When was the last inspection performed on scaffolding?
  • Where was the scaffolding manufactured and by whom?
  • What safety standards does the scaffolding fulfil and adhere to?
  • Do you’ve any warranties or guarantees for the used scaffolding if at all any fault happen?

It is paramount to inspect these things and if you ignore them, it could result in injury or casualty to you, your employees and those close to the scaffolding structure in the event if it were to fail. Although you’ll find bargains on these online sites; however, bargains don’t always turn out to be a good deal over the long run.

Buy from Established Scaffold Company

Therefore, it is recommended to buy used scaffolding from an established company if you’re eyeing for a safer alternative that will serve you for the long term. There are reputed scaffolding companies across Australia supplying quality used scaffolding at affordable prices and they can also recommend you on the best options when you want to buy used scaffolding.

It’s vital to discuss your requirements with an established scaffold supplying company and you’ll get professional advice to ensure you buy scaffolding that serves your purpose fittingly. Moreover, you can contact a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) in case you need any advice or support soon after.

The Bottom Line

When you buy used scaffold from an established scaffolding company, you’ll get scaffolding equipment that is properly tested, fittingly repaired and safe to use, adhering to Australian safety standards, as well as, you get guarantees for the used scaffold. Though, you may have to invest a bit more initially when buying used scaffolding from a reputed scaffold supplying company; however, you won’t have to worry, as it will help you and your employees to work safely and for a long term, giving you complete peace of mind.

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