Benefits of Using Lithofin Polish Cream

Benefits of Using Lithofin Polish Cream

Polishing is a good way to maintain a surface over time. Keeping surfaces like worktops shiny and glossy will make them look like new. While cleaning them regularly would be enough to keep them off dirt, but will not ensure the gloss which fades overtime. A polishing cream can come handy if your furniture or wares are for long-term use, especially made of marble, granite, and other porous stones. While polishing wax works good for items with a large surface area, lithofin polishing cream works seamlessly on smaller surfaces like vanity tops, window sills, and similar. It is made of special additives, naturally occurring waxes and maintenance mixtures. 

The lithofin polishing cream is one of the best polishing agents that are available in the market. It has lot of benefits. A lithofin polishing cream is not an expense but an investment. 

Here are some of Its Benefits: 

#1. Enhances Like New: The lithofin polishing cream fills up the pores of the surface and any other unevenness, hence making it smooth and glossy. Using this cream will bring back the lost lustre of your favourite surfaces. 

#2. One Extra Protection: The lithofin polishing cream not only smoothen the surface but also adds an extra layer of protection on the object to keep it off dust and grime. 

#3. Water Repelling Formula: Using lithofin polishing cream also protects the surface from standing water and other conditions that can lead to bacteria and other mossy situations which will eventually hamper the appearance of a surface. This is because it has a water-resistant wax technology. 

#4. Deep Reaching: The lithofin polishing cream is deeply penetrating in nature and reaches into the innermost part of the outer layer of the stone to smoothen from inside. 

#5. Accentuates Natural Colour: The lithofin polishing cream accentuates the natural colour of the stone. It restores the colour that has faded over time and makes it look anew. 

#6. Versatile Use: A lithofin polishing cream can be used on multiple stone surfaces like marble, granite, quartz, arenastone, silestone, limestone and other natural stone tops. 

#7. Long Lasting: The polishing cream has a shelf life of two long years, and would not require you to buy it frequently. This avoids waste of money and also the cream if unused. 

#8. Environment Friendly: The lithofin polishing cream is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons, which causes severe toxic effect on the nervous system. It is made up of solvents which are biodegradable in nature. They come in environment friendly tin boxes and polypropylene tubes, which is the safest plastic known to us till date. It can be recycled and used. 

#9. Easy to use: The cream is very easy to use. Apply it on a small surface and use a cloth to polish in circular motions. 

A polishing cream is a valuable resource to maintain your shiny and expensive surfaces. A combination of cleaning and polishing regularly will not only keep the surfaces attractive like new, but also help prevent damage due to old age. The lithofin polishing cream is not a cleaning agent, that is, is must not be used with the purpose of cleaning the surface. There are numerous products available for cleaning stone surfaces. It should also be remembered that this cream works best on surfaces with pores, like marbles and granite. It will not work on non-porous materials such as porcelain. Due to the waxing agent present in the cream, it should be immediately used after its application on the surface. It becomes hard to polish if it is left alone to dry. The lithofin polishing cream has some real benefits and is indeed the best solution to keep your glossy surfaces maintained for years to come.

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