Before Installing A Benchtop Water Cooler, Learn How To Maintain Them

Before Installing A Benchtop Water Cooler, Learn How To Maintain Them

Keeping your body hydrated 24/7 is one of the most important parts of health and well being. We all have easy access to fresh, safe, and great-tasting water which can calm our thirst and aid a better rate of hydration. It's a great idea to consider installing a filtration system that provides you with clean and filtered water, without any fuss. Every appliance requires proper and timely maintenance. Similarly, appliances that deal with dispensing drinking water require regular cleaning and maintenance. This not only ensures that the operation runs smoothly, but also restricts the growth of bacterias and other contaminants. One must also clean refillable water cooler bottles regularly to avoid such issues.

If you have recently installed a benchtop water cooler or are planning to for your house or office, and are wondering about the maintenance, keep reading to learn new methods of cleaning your water cooler.

How To Maintain Your Benchtop Water Cooler Against Contaminants?

The process of cleaning a benchtop water cooler is quite simple. Your initial step should be to check the guidelines mentioned by the manufacturer or suppliers. Checking guidelines can ensure that the method and cleaning used to clean the water cooler should be suitable and appropriate for that model. A hot and cold benchtop water cooler consists of an inbuilt hot tank which usually self-sanitises with its heating setting. Hence, you need to be careful not to use any cleaning products in the tank. Make sure to check the integrity of the seal as it can ensure that no leakage requires your attention before starting the cleaning process. By following these steps, you rest assured that the cleaning process will be effortless and ensure the long life of the appliance.

How Often Should You Consider The Cleaning?

It is recommended to clean your water cooler at least every six months. But to avoid future contaminants and ensure that the environment is as clean as possible, it would be better to do the cleaning process every three months. Although there is no downside to cleaning the cooler more often, one thing you keep in mind is to always remember the previous date of cleaning. Coolers located near a sunny area may encourage mould growth. One of the great ways to avoid such an issue is to either relocate the cooler or use a water bottle cover. This can prevent the UV light from directly coming in contact with the water and restricts the growth of mould.

How To Clean Your Benchtop Water Cooler?

Here are 7 quick and simple cleaning steps for your benchtop water cooler:

  • The first step is to ensure that the water bottle is empty. Once the water bottle is empty, remove the cooler and unplug the appliance from the outlet.
  • Carefully take off the led and baffle from the water reservoir.
  • Prepare 2 litres of clean hot water and add a cup of vinegar or a sterilisation product to it.
  • Dip a soft and clean cloth into the hot water and clean the inside of the reservoir.
  • Make sure you drain all the excess water present in the cooler tap or remove them and wash them with a detergent.
  • Using clean water, rinse the whole water reservoir at least four times to ensure that no traces of vinegar or sterilisation product are left behind.
  • Gently put the lid and baffle back on, place a new water bottle onto the cooler and plug the appliance back into the socket.

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