Ayurvedic Treatment for STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION

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Ayurvedic Treatment for STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION
Ayurvedic Treatment for STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION
Ayurvedic Treatment for STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION
Ayurvedic Treatment for STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION
Ayurvedic Treatment for STRESS, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION

The alarming rise in mental illness including stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and insomnia, etc. is a great cause of concern for the whole society. The mental health of the population has been affected badly due to forced isolation, decreased earning opportunities, undue panic arisen due to depressing news, and negativity in the surroundings. Therefore, it becomes important for all stakeholders of health-care to deal with this challenge actively. Ayurveda has a pivotal role in dealing with menace, as the principles of Ayurveda present a wholesome approach including preventive aspects, therapeutic measures, behavioral ayurvedic therapies, moral ethics, and general guidelines to lead a disease-free life.


Udvega (Stress), Autsukya (Anxiety), and viṣāda (Depression) are very specifically explained in Ayurveda. Anxiety is more severe than Stress and Depression is most severe among these three. The following attributes play an important role in precipitating mental illness.


According to Ayurvedic texts, there are explanations found on general mental disorders and described them briefly. These above described mental disorders because must be present in every individual in a normal state. If these are not present that shows life without moto. But if these are excess or absent then both of the conditions are called to be mental disorders.



Feeling to the separation of some loved ones

Fear of someone Euphoria, feeling happy when some other having difficulty

Feeling of failure, that’s why one cannot initiate Intolerance from someone’s achievement

Give wrong facts to reduce intolerance of another’s achievements

Feeling of helplessness

Intolerance increases in such a way that becomes turn into sinful acts

Desires of sense organs To get things of another

A clear explanation of the method, how a mentally healthy person contrives with Anxiety & Depression.


if someone continues in touch with some (person, thing, etc.), their Affection takes place which leads to Kama followed by krodha (unwanted Anger). And that krodha increases and gives rise to moha (feeling that nothing in life without that person, thing, etc.) this moha leads to Smritibhramsa (loss of differentiating between good and bad) that leads to buddhinasa (loss of decision power).


Important points in the history of mentally ill patient-

• Mental status examinations are as follows:- Appearance, Demeanour, Speech, Emotional expressions, Sensorium, Mood, Thoughts and Perception

-Vijnana: (Supportive) To understand the history and application of Jnana for making a line of management for patients and the physician himself that what to do and what not.

-Dhairya (Patience): To encourage the patient regarding any unfavorable conditions never lose patience.

- Smriti (Memory): this can be classified into 3 groups viz. physiological, pathological, and therapeutic. Here the aim of physicians is to pacify the pathological smriti into normal memory. Always tell patients to remember good incidents happen in life.

- Samadhi: The detachment of the soul from all subjects of mind. That leads to giving Ananda (the ultimate pleasure)


Treatment possibilities at Ayur Healthcare:

• Vamana

• Virechana 

• Basti karma – especially matra Basti

• Nasya karma 

• Medhya Rasayana

• Shirodhara

• Shiropichu

• Ahara (Food): The Gita accepts that food has a major role in physiological and psychological growth. The Gita classifies food into three categories: satvika, rajasika, tamsika. Satva properties are the reason for pure mind and thoughts, keen memory and intelligence, good concentration. Rajasika foods are salty, sour, spicy. These foods make the mind anxious, hyperactive, restless, lack of concentration and affect sleeping patterns and develop insomnia, increasing urges of anger. Tamasika foods are alcohol, meat, heavy meals, canned food, preservatives containing food, these foods promote tamasika properties of manas causing dullness of mind, laziness, excessive sleep, indigestion, and feeling low and depressed, recklessness, negligence, ignorance.


Personal care:

-Identify and focus on activities that make you feel better.

-Don’t isolate yourself.

-Take part in activities even when you may not want to. This makes you feel better.

-Discuss the problems with friends and family.

-Regular yogasana, pranayama and meditation.

-Proper food with good taste especially those good for bowel and satva promoting food.

-Try to get enough rest and relaxation as well as maintain a regular sleep pattern. -Try to maintain a positive outlook.

-Greater achievements by smaller peoples. You are equally as important as others.

-If you don’t succeed in certain fields, they may not be for you, Find some other. Ayurvedic Stress Busters

– Anxiety relievers- Antidepressants are the following:

- Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Mandukaparni, Yastimadhu, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Kapikacchu, Tagara

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