Amazing tips for cleaning your commercial microwave oven

Confused about how to clean your commercial oven? Read these amazing tips to clean your oven easily.

Amazing tips for cleaning your commercial microwave oven

Every kitchen in the restaurant has a commercial microwave oven which is used a lot during the whole day. It can be said that this microwave oven is one of the most important catering equipment in every kitchen. This is why it is very important to keep it clean and maintained. In Melbourne, it is a common practice for all the restaurant workers to clean their oven before they wrap up for the day. 

Check these amazing maintenance tips for your commercial microwave oven. 

Tips for commercial microwave oven maintenance:

Be it any brand of catering equipment in Melbourne you use in your commercial kitchen like Blue Seal, Roband, etc, it is very important to clean them regularly for their proper and correct function. 

Don’t forget to clean away all the food crumbs:

As said earlier as well that microwave oven is used throughout the whole day and this is why there are many food crumbs left behind inside. Therefore, it is very important to remove all these leftover food crumbs so that the food does not decay inside and gives way to foul smell, germs and bacteria. 

Don’t ignore the stubborn food stains: 

Once you are done with removing all the food crumbs from the microwave oven, it is time to remove the stubborn food stains from the same as well. For cleaning these stains, you can make use of a soft sponge or other delicate cleaning material which will let you wipe away all the dirt and stains easily. 

Remove the detachable pieces and then clean them: 

Microwave ovens from brands like Roband come with detachable pieces which can be cleaned properly after taking out. When your day at the kitchen comes to an end, you should always remember to detach the pieces of the oven and properly clean them for use on the next day.

The detachable pieces may include rotating trays, bowls, etc. For cleaning these pieces, you can use the utensil cleaner with a soft sponge which will not scratch its surfaces. 

Purchase a proper microwave oven cleaner:

The markets of Melbourne are filled with quality cleaners for commercial kitchen equipment. So pick some good and quality microwave cleaner which is harsh on the germs but not on the equipment and ensures killing all the germs. 

You should boil your microwave oven to clean it properly:

There is no hiding to the fact that the food stains in the microwave oven can be very hard to remove at times and the only easiest way to do the same is to use steam to clean the stains.

All you have to do is boil water in a microwave container for 2-3 minutes and then remove the same and start cleaning the stains. You will notice that because of the steam from boiled water these stains have become easier to remove. 

Clean the door of the microwave oven and also dust from outside:

Last but definitely not the least; wind up your cleaning of the microwave oven with cleaning the door and outer side of the same so that no dirt is left inside and outside. It is always better to use a soft cotton rug for cleaning all your catering equipment. You can also call for professionals cleaners in Melbourne for cleaning your kitchen equipment. 

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