Aluminium Door Frame In Australia (Mir Windows)

Our aluminum doors can be open effortlessly in any weather while the other doors stop and need more effort for open or close in bad weather.

Aluminium Door Frame In Australia (Mir Windows)

Aluminum Doors

Doors are the most prominent thing in your home or office. If your building has old fashion doors you must need to replace them beautiful aluminum doors. If you build a new house and install here dated doors which have no trend in advance era than you lose beauty of your building. Aluminum doors are complete package of advantages like attractive look, durability, and flexibility. 

MIR Windows also give a lot of benefits to their honorable clients. We are manufacturing aluminum door and windows for your home or work place. We design numerous door types in aluminum metal. If you need any type of door for your home, office, kitchen balconies, bathroom, shop, garage, factory, school, college, university entrance doors or class room doors, hospital doors form house or any type of building. You should select MIR aluminum doors with long time warranty. You can choose any size or color according to your taste.

We design your product 100% as your preference and choice. Our modern aluminum door give will make your door unique and more versatile. Security is also an important part of your life. Our aluminum locking system also gives safety of you and your home. You feel relax at outside after locking your home or feel free inside. 

The use of powder coated paint gives long lasting finish. The shine of paint remains after many years.

We are designing every type of aluminum doors like aluminum sliding doors, aluminum bi fold doors, double and single glazing doors, hinged doors, shop front doors, entrance doors, single panel doors, double panel doors, etc.

Sliding Stacker Doors:

Sliding stacker doors are available in penal sizes up to 3000mm in height and 2500mm in width. Sliding and staking doors give rise to suit the foundation of a lot of fresh homes and apartments. They are a weighty blend for eclectic entrances and barricade to fence doors. If you partake of a view or outdoor entertaining part you covet to bear sated help of these solutions may be a minute ago pardon? You have been looking for.

If your laundry, hallway, or bathroom or other rooms have narrow space and other doors can be difficult for open or close than sliding doors are best option for you. Our sliding doors can be slide left or right to get easy access to outdoor. Our sliding doors are not need to extra space for open because they can slide into the chamber of the wall installed frame tracks.

Do you want to complete retain a large doorway circle or portico aperture but don’t contain the seat for folding doors? Stacking doors are the moral value deal with in this situation. The sections of the access stack to one aspect of the opening or mutually sides for better opening, which inhibit them from encroaching into your living wage space.

Double and single glaze doors are very famous for flexibility, attraction, heat and noise insulation benefits. Glass which we are using gives you clear view outside. If you want some privacy inside the door you can put MIR aluminum blinds or fly screen around the door. We have a range of color in sliding stacker doors. With a wide range of color options you can match the with your home or office wall paint.

You tin select a create that is unassuming as much as necessary to take on board into your décor and come across like its constantly been there, or eye- catching and grand as plan include in its individual right.

This is perfect solution for separate different rooms of your home or office aggressive space in your living. We have the doors in aluminum metal with optional glass panel. You can select a design according to your taste.

Befits or features:

•    Long lasting
•    Variety of colors
•    Variety of design
•    Suitable for small space
•    Powder coated paint
•    Flexible 
•    Recycle able

Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors:

Bi-Fold doors are the best selection of modern minded peoples.
MIR aluminum bi-fold doors give you a clear view of outside and cannot stop natural light. 
Our cloak retractable screen canister be opened readily and smoothly to be the cause of in garden- fresh broadcast and exposure to air despite the fact that custody the bugs out. This elegant mix helps you get bigger your live district into a relaxed outside entertainment or dining space.

The double glazing bi-fold door can reduce the energy cost because they are best way for energy efficiency and keep the room cool in summer and hot in winter. 

MIR windows give you the facility of a lot of style and colors and size. You can choose one of them as suit to your space and other requirements.

Bi- fold doors are available for extra large space or very small area. You can install it in open area or close in your home or office. These doors can create more flexible and comfortable living areas in your home.

MIR Aluminum Bi- Fold Doors Have Three Options :

  • Zone living folding doors
  • Internal folding doors
  • External folding doors

If you want to separate your dining area from children TV watching or you some want silence and peace you can get it by installing aluminum bi- fold door because they are noise insulation.
They provide you full security system by putting key lock. You feel relax after into your home or out from home.

Benefits And Features:

•    100% recycle able
•    Attractive styles
•    Flexible 
•    Out standard aluminum with glass 
•    Best security solution
•    Give you natural light and air
Our whole services are available in 24 hours. Just call us and get your desired product.

Hinged Doors:

Some people want traditional look in their home. Our hinged doors are the best option for them. Hinged doors are design for internal and external. They are manufacture in right and left openings. You can install it according to as your room space can save.  They look like traditional doors with new designs. If you like the wooden style door but also want durability of door than aluminum hinged door are better thing for both style and material. We are using pure aluminum metal with the combination or designing glass for more versatility.

We have front hinged doors external hinged doors, internal hinged doors, zone living hinged doors, security hinged doors, screen hinged doors etc.

Features And Benefits:

•    Fully finished 
•    Classic look 
•    Left to right opening 
•    A lot of styles and colors
•    Fully recycle able 

Front Hinged Doors:

Some people want that the design of front door more classic our hinged doors are for them and very famous across the country. High quality material of aluminum and glass make the door perfect for fit for any architectural style.

You front door catch the fascination of everyone who enter into your home so the front door must be look extra beautiful. We are sure that MIR front hinged doors provides you all requirements.

External Hinged Doors:

Door which can be right or left opening with weather resistant are available. The bad weather is more effect on external doors so the MIR external doors are the best solution for this problem. They are totally corrosion free and cannot rot as wood doors. Our external hinged doors can control the extra heat in summer and keep the room cool and provide useable heat in winter. They are fully airy.

Our all doors are in very reasonable price and you can get the door at your home or office just at one phone call or a single e -mail. We are provides the facility of supply and fitting the door at your home or office or where you want. Our well trainee team answered your call time 24 hours.   You should choose MIR windows for any type of aluminum door or windows in very low price.
We say best of luck.

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