7 Facts About Air Conditioning

7 Facts About Air Conditioning

You have already thought of investing a great deal of money on the AC unit, for your commercial as well as residential units. Now, before you get into the commercial air conditioning service Melbourne, there are some facts about the machine you got to know. Learning these interesting 7 facts will not only help you to know more about the machines but can even help you to make the right choice later when planning to buy a new one.

Not quite designed for comfort:

It might be pretty shocking for you to know but the very first AC was designed not for comfort. It was in the year 1902 when Willis Carrier first designed an AC machine for controlling the humidity in the publishing house of New York City. The main purpose at that time was to keep papers from expanding and contracting so that the ink can get dried up faster and without any smudges.

As the energy hogs:

In some parts of the world, like in the USA, the energy that this country uses for powering up the AC units of that place is equivalent to the amount of energy used by the entire African continent annually. Now, that’s how popular AC units are in some parts of the world, with the USA being one of the tops in this list for sure.

The previous costs of the AC unit:

Do you know that the AC units previously were only meant for the wealthy people because of its huge size and costs? During the initial period, the systems would cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 USD. If you check that out with today’s count, it will be around $120,000 to $600,000!

Population growth as well:

AC unit meant a population growth in some parts of the USA. The booming economy of this nation was mainly situated in the North-east portion, until AC units reached out to places like Nevada, Florida, Arizona and Texas, making these areas more appealing! Later, ducted air conditioning service Melbourne reached out as well.

Homes did not have AC units until the 1970s:

For maximum people, purchasing an AC unit was a mark of luxury. In the year 1970s, AC became more commonplace and in some parts of the world, around 90% of homes have an AC unit these days. They can even get air conditioning service in Dandenong easily, thanks to unlimited service centers.

Perfect to save lives:

AC does not only improve comfort but saves lives. All the heat-related deaths have come down in the 20th century as more homes now have AC units. The percentage went down to 80% with AC units becoming popular after 1960 residential units became widely popular.

So, before you get yourself the brand new AC, make sure to check out these facts first. These points are pretty interesting and will help you learn a bit more about the machines.

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