5 Personal Traits You Must Need To Be an Aged Care Assistant

Working as an aged care assistant is something more than just a job. It is among those very few services/jobs where you need to be professionally sympathetic towards others.

5 Personal Traits You Must Need To Be an Aged Care Assistant

Here you get a chance to work closely with the elderly persons and supposed to improve their quality of life. Therefore, apart from pursuing high end courses from a reputed aged care institute you got to have some personal inner-qualities to establish yourself as a successful age care assistant.

Here are top 5must have personal qualities an aged care assistant should have.

Sense of Responsibility

Age care assistance is all about responsibility. The assistant must understand that he/she is responsible for taking care of the elderly person. It is his/her duty to make sure that the medications are given on time and hygiene routine is properly being maintained. Taking a good care of them with a sense of responsibility will augment their trust for you.


Coping with an ageing body is quite difficult and sometimes it can be frustrating. That’s why elderly people tend to lose their temper more than often. Restrictions on food and movement might make them feel irritating sometimes. So during the day-to-day activities the carer must be patient enough to handle their frustration and give them the courtesy they deserve.

Care& Cordiality

Inarguably, one of the most vital traits is certainly the ability to take care of the elderly people with cordiality. This is one the core of being a good aged care assistant. The ability to make another person feel fully cared of is reflected in the assistant’s ability to make the senior person feel safe, secure and happy. Being caring and cordial consist of small, thoughtful actions and gestures to let them know that they are being looked after properly.

Courtesy &Respect

All seniors deserve our respect. They usually want their feelings and concerns to be acknowledged by others. Not only because of their age but also for having vast experience & knowledge, they should be treated with proper respect and dignity. As an aged care assistant, just show them respect, give ample time and acknowledge their activities. Disregard and discrimination never play a good role in this job.


Taking care of an elderly person also means you need to go with their flow. You need to be flexible enough to feel them secure and comfortable. This always helps in building a strong relationship with them and helps them see you not only as mere aged care assistance but more than that for sure.

Having these above-quoted characteristics and proper guidance from a well known aged care institute would surely help you build a successful career in aged care services.

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