4 reasons why you need a refurbishment for your building

Have you ever thought about a refurbishment for your building? If your answer is no like many other building owners, then you may be missing out on a host of benefits for the property’s residents and yourself.

4 reasons why you need a refurbishment for your building

Have you ever thought about a refurbishment for your building? If your answer is no like many other building owners, then you may be missing out on a host of benefits for the property’s residents and yourself. A building refurbishment is an expensive process and the decision to undergo one should not be made lightly. A building refurbishment is usually done to provide a long-term benefit to an already existing building, however, many people still battle with whether their property should undergo it and differentiate among different processes. In this article, we’ll tackle these issues one by one, starting with distinguishing building refurbishment from other processes.

What is the difference between a building refurbishment, construction and renovation?

Many times, these terms are used interchangeably to refer to a building undergoing works of any kind, however, they have separate and specific meanings.

Refurbishment is the process whereby a building undergoes cleaning, equipping and retrofitting. Essentially, you are replenishing the building with new materials. A renovation means restoring a building to good or functional condition. This heavily involves construction and repair works and implies that the building was in poor functional condition previously.

Construction is completely different and quite a vague term, however, most times, it refers to the building of the actual structure of the building’s foundation. The building is not existing yet with this term.

The distinction among these terms is incredibly important as they all require different budgets, timelines and serve specific purposes. It’s important that you understand which your building needs before approaching a building services company.

4 solid reasons why your building may need a refurbishment

Opportunity for speedy improvement

Often, property owners get caught in a situation where they need their property revamped quickly. Additionally, with tenants and even as the owner of a building, you want whatever work is being done on your property to be completed as quickly as possible. The inconvenience of work being done on a building can easily become irritating for all parties who work and live around your property.

Re-building and renovating and time-consuming and stressful options, however minor adjustments afforded by a refurbishment, is a much simpler and efficient route to take. Deep cleaning, adding new furniture and installing new carpet are easy and quick improvements that can be made to a property. You don’t always need an elaborate construction and design plan to make an impact, sometimes, it’s tiny changes that can make the difference.

Improve your energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is something that many property owners should be interested in. it’s not only becoming an attractive rental and selling feature, but it can also save the resident and you money in the long-run.

A company that facilitates building refurbishments will be able to put you into contact with a contractor that can install energy efficient features. They may recommend choosing appliances with high energy ratings, reducing the water pressure in your building or double-glazing windows and doors. While these may sound costly, in the long-run, you will benefit from lower energy bills and a consistent stream of tenants due to the attractiveness of your building’s energy efficiency.

Create a more functional environment

As life changes, you may realise that your building needs to update its functionality. This can be due to a number of factors.

  1. As time goes by, products which may be useful to your building, emerge.
  2. The needs of residents change.
  3. You’ve decided to change the aesthetic and direction of your building.

These factors can easily be accommodated for by a variety of refurbishment services including, the installation of furniture, repainting and the addition of plants and other interior decor. Bear in mind that the refurbishment services will depend on what you deem necessary for improved functionality in your building.

Add value to your building

Adding value to your building is important for a variety of reasons.

  1. Increases rental value, allowing you to increase your profit.
  2. Maintains/increases your selling value which is important for profit as well as for securing your future.
  3. Ensures a consistent stream of tenants.

Renting in Sydney can be quite competitive with more and more power dipping in the way of renters. For this reason, you need to ensure that you keep your building in tip-top shape as this will attract quality residents.

Refurbishment is an easy way of keeping your building attractive, because compared to renovations, rebuilds and extensions, it is quite affordable. This allows you to regularly refurbish your building, instead of allowing it to deteriorate over a few years.

It’s clear that building refurbishment services are important for updating properties and keeping them attractive and functional for both property owners and tenants. The services of remedial contractors span a variety of issues, all of which can easily occur to Sydney’s buildings. Sydney is home to many construction and building refurbishment companies, allowing you to find the one that’s perfect for your property.

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