10 Furnace Safety Tips

10 Furnace Safety Tips

Furnace or heater is probably your best friend in the winters. To stay cozy, safe, and comfortable you must ensure that it is working efficiently. Get your furnace checked right before winter sets in and follow these safety tips so that your furnace keeps you happy all throughout the season.

  • Certified and Recognised Brand

A furnace is a big investment. It keeps you warm and safe on frosty days. Therefore, always trust a familiar and known brand while you make a purchase of a furnace. So, The product as well as its warranty will be reliable. If you are facing problems in your system then you should hire evaporative air conditioner repair services.

  • Ensure Proper Installment

Whoever installs the furnace, you have to make sure it's done properly. One loose wire connection can result in an electric fire. We want our family to be safe and sound at all costs. Therefore, hire an experienced and licensed electrician.

  • Ventilation is a Must

There should be enough air around your furnace for its functioning. With less air, it might consume the oxygen in your rooms. The room should be tidy and mess-free without any obstruction in the vicinity of the furnace. So, Allow the warm air to flow freely.

  • No Flammable Near Your

We don't realise how commonest of things have the potential of creating danger. Never leave wood, papers, liquid cleaners that contain chemicals, clothes, paint, petrol, oil or anything of such sort near your furnace. So, It's best that you keep an area of 2 feet distance absolutely empty around the furnace.

  • Install Alarms

We’ve seen people lose their lives because of excess smoke or carbon monoxide in their room. To keep your family safe, take this measure, install fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms which can quickly get you out of trouble if anything happens.

  • Keep the Filter Clean

The filter in your furnace gets a lot of dirt, dust and pollen. It makes sure that you receive filtered and clean air that cannot cause you any harm. Keep cleaning it regularly. However, when it seems to be blocked with contaminants, get it replaced. A blocked filter can do more harm than good. 

  • Disconnect Power Supply

It is best to disconnect the main power supply of your furnace when it is not being used. Another situation where the power supply must be turned off is when you are cleaning it or touching it for any other purpose. Prevention is better than cure! 

  • Wear Safety 

Firstly, doing anything other than cleaning the furnace on your own is not encouraged. Always remember this. So, whenever you are cleaning your furnace, make sure you're wearing gloves and classes. This will save you from any potential danger.   

  • Be Alert

No matter how many alarms you install, you have to be alert and cautious. If you see a spark, smell gas or witness weird noises, shut it off immediately. The next thing to do is to call professionals for help.

  • System Inspection

It is not necessary to call for help only in the time of emergency. Get your furnace checked once every year to avoid any risks and problems of Heating and Cooling and to make sure it is in good shape. Get heating and cooling services at affordable prices.

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