The best Travel (outdoor) speakers In 2021 | Comolete Review

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The best Travel (outdoor) speakers In 2021 | Comolete Review
The best Travel (outdoor) speakers In 2021 | Comolete Review

You can play music anywhere and now it is easier than ever. There are solutions to every situation at home, in the office, in the car, on the road.

There are also speakers for the garden. Noise from the outside is nothing new, although speakers intended for outdoor use have long been a mystery, equally reserved for high-end systems in high-end homes.

The area is accessible to the public like most people. With mobile apps like Cubus making it easy to listen to millions of tracks whenever you want, you should be able to listen to music in any environment.

Enjoying music on your balcony or in the pool is becoming more natural. These were Bluetooth speakers powered by batteries, which are easy to move and use. However, the quality is limited.

You can enjoy outdoor-highlife music with a built-in speaker.

The outdoor environment is prone to weather problems, although manufacturers can overcome this with effective designs that adopt and adapt some of the technology used in indoor speakers.

This type of installation should make sure you fit the wires. These go inside the house where you get the amplifier and network audio player.

The latter is very necessary because it allows you to control the music from your smartphone while at the same time lying comfortably in your deckchair!

Depending on the area where you want to play music, it is always a good idea not to choose large speakers with loud volumes, multiply multiple small speakers and play music in moderate volume.

Also, avoid you moving your neighbors and imposing your musical passion on them!

1. Yamaha NS-AW592:

Most versatile outdoor speaker

Features: Adjustable wall or ceiling brackets, 16 cm + 25 mm speaker, 150 watts max., 55-20,000 Hz, 6 ohm, 88 dB, white or black

For the public, Yamaha makes more speakers for professional use.

As demand for outdoor speakers increased, the Japanese manufacturer responded by developing a range of low-cost technical speakers.

The growing method is particularly well thought out. It helps to include mounting brackets and non-slip pads so you can place them wherever you want.

Available in black or white, this case is treated as terminals for speaker wires to block water and UV rays.

The audio features are on the same level as those spoken on the shelves of traditional books. The bandwidth goes very deep thanks to the boss for the 16cm driver.

High power management makes the Yamaha NS-AW592 compatible for use with most amplifiers.

2. Art Rock:

The outdoor speaker is disguised as a rock

Features: Flower speakers, 16.5 cm full-range driver, 130 watts maximum, 50-20,000 Hz, 8 ohm, gray color

The idea of changing the speakers to the size of stones is not preserved. Different brands have made them.

Of course from the United States, rock coverings have become more widespread, for classy villas they mostly use in landscaped gardens.

The ArtSound version comes in a relatively small size: 27 cm high by 32 cm wide.

Do not hesitate to mix the speakers with other stones to make them disappear among the vegetation.

Thanks to the comfortable bass-reflex load volume for a single 16 cm driver, the ArtSound Rock loudspeaker covers a wide bandwidth starting at 50 Hz. Additionally, you can easily attach speakers to different corners of the garden.

3. JBL Control X:

Most compact outdoor loudspeaker

Features: Wall mounting brackets and safety cable, 13 cm + 25 mm speaker, 100 watts max., 90-20,000 Hz, 8 ohm, 87 dB, white color

JBL controls are small loudspeakers traditionally designed for public loudspeaker systems.

JBLs are often found in public places such as bars and restaurants, but can also be used as a discreet satellite in homes or placed on a computer desk.

This range includes a prototype for outdoor use: Control X.

This small loudspeaker is provided with a wall bracket and a safety tie-down metal cable. The sound is clear and detailed thanks to the metal and ceramic membrane-fitted tweeter combined with the waveguide.

The 13 cm woofer somewhat limits the frequency of low-frequency agencies when playing music at low volumes. Outdoor subwoofers are also available that complete the Control X well.

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