Benefits of using rubber surfacing for playgrounds

Benefits of using rubber surfacing for playgrounds

The concept of rubber surfacing is quite new to many however the truth of the matter is that it has been over 70 years. It is believed to have first been introduced in Europe and was used for running tracks. The application of rubber surfacing for residential purposes is a comparatively new application; one that is not what started no more than 30 years ago. This type of rubber surface is made from recycled rubber granules. This is very safe to use and also convenient; besides which it is also highly durable and long-lasting.

The number of applications of rubber-surfacing is on the rise and has changed from 70 years ago. It is now used in the backyard, near the swimming pool, patio, driveway. The fact that it is non-slip makes it ideal for many different applications like walkways, pool decks, etc. Rubber surfacing also eliminates the growth of weeds and prevents insects from breeding on the surface.

Advantages of using Rubber Surfacing on Playgrounds

Rubber-surfacing works for many different applications including covering any existing cracks and uneven surfaces. In the case where the concrete is in need of repair, or the surface is worked out, rubber surfacing can be the optimal solution. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. It is also optimal for a playground surface. A playground surface typically consists of swings, slides, bars and several other playground equipment. Playground surfaces can be made from either wood, rubber or any other specially designed material. Some of the important characteristics of a playground surface include one that is child safe and aesthetic.

There are many advantages of using rubber-surfacing on playgrounds as listed here:

  • With rubber surfacing the designs options are limitless with options of different colours.


  • The ideal setting for a children playground would be school colours along with a colourful mascot. With rubber surfacing this is possible.


  • It is also possible to choose between many different sizes and shapes too.


  • Rubber-surfacing for the playground will also workout more cost-effectively.


  • The thickness of this type of surface can also be too specific requirements and it is also easy to create the perfect landscape.


  • A rubber-surfacing offers a higher degree of safety compared to other surfaces like tiles or rolled surfaces since this will seamlessly cover the entire surface and eliminate any potential hazards that might exist on the playground.


  • It does not deteriorate over time, is very easy to clean and maintain and most importantly prevents the growth of any harmful microbes, bacteria, etc.


  • It works for the foot as well as wheel traffic. It is a non-slip surface that is optimal for playgrounds and parking lots.


  • It provides a level of cushion and has a porous surface.


  • It is optimal for the monsoon season since it dries very fast and does not retain moisture. Thus, it is not affected by rain or causes any puddles; making it optimal for playgrounds.


  • The material used to make rubber-surfacing (rubber) is fully recyclable thus helping to reduce the waste in a landfill. It is useful for home decor as well as in outdoor space.


  • It acts as a good shock absorber and measures up to industrial safety standards. In fact, it is safe for falls from up to 6 feet to 8 feet.


It is also ADA compliant which means it is accessible with a wheelchair making it very safe for kids with physical disabilities and other limitations.

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