You Should Know | Homemade Remedies For Curtain Cleaning

You Should Know | Homemade Remedies For Curtain Cleaning

If you are having curtains at your home then you might have worried about how you will clean them without damaging its beauty, shine and texture. 

Curtain cleaning service is not that tough a job but all that requires is a proper knowledge and some experience. However, the wrong procedure can damage your curtains.

Proper cleaning of curtains from time to time can keep it look newer for a long time. But over washing can again damage it

Here is the List of When You Should Go For Cleaning Curtains 

  1. When you have any spot or stain on your curtains

  2. When you could find any mold or mildew near your curtains.

  3. If you find its colour fade day by day.

  4. When you feel that your curtain is having moisture in it.

  5. When you can smell any type of foul smell coming from it.

Here is the list of homemade remedies for cleaning curtains.

  1.  By using cold water- You can definitely clean your curtains in cold water for above mentioned points. It will keep your curtains clean from germs, bacteria and fungus. It will not damage your fabric and will keep its shine for a long time.

  2. By using vacuum cleaner- Vacuum cleaner is the most available cleaning electronic device present in our home. It can clean all those dust and dirt particles which we can't see through our nacket eyes. It not only cleans dust but also saves time in cleaning curtains by using water. Using a vacuum cleaner has many other advantages. It can clean molds and mildew if they are present in your curtains.

  3. By using instant home made curtain cleaners- You can definitely clean your valuable curtains using home made curtain cleaners although these cleaners are available in the market which you can instantly spray on your stain and spot. But you can definitely try to make them at home one of the most common instant cleaners is by using kitchen ingredients that are baking soda and vinegar. To make this all you need is to apply a layer or baking soda powder on the stain or spot which is present on your curtains and spray some vinegar on it. When these two elements react they will clean all your left marks after leaving them for some time and wipe that place with a clean cloth. This is a natural process and it will not cause any harm to your curtains.

  4. By washing your curtains using Detergents- One can definitely clean his curtain in the washing machine by using some Detergents all you need to do is wash it properly the way you wash your clothes. However, a washing machine can cause some damage to your fabric as it spins and twists your cloth. So, Proper guidance and skill will be required while following this process. Even some highly advanced machines are now also available in the market which can clean your curtains as they have specific modes for it.

If these tips will not help you than you can hire curtain steam cleaning services from experts. Professional curtain cleaning services can help you to clean your curtains. 

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