Winter fitness goals become a reality with EMS

The 20PerFit system is completely wireless, which means you can move freely during your workouts. We utilise revolutionary Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to provide you with time-conducive, science-backed training sessions that deliver a full-body workout equivalent to 4-5 hours of conventional training in just 20 minutes.

Winter fitness goals become a reality with EMS

Say hello to the short days, cold nights and gloomy mornings. Winter has rolled around once again, announcing to us all that it is here, and here for good.

During cold winter months, it can be very easy to get stuck into a lazy cycle of not wanting to work out. It is much more appealing to be eating comfort food and lazing around. The cool weather makes it almost a MUST to stay indoors and do absolutely NOTHING.

Eating a plate of hot lasagna, topping it off with a hot chocolate in front of the TV.

That sounds like perfection to us!

Although this may sound amazing, it is certainly not going to look amazing on your body once summer comes along.

The days, weeks and months are certainly flying by. Before you know it, it is going to be Summer again, and are going to realise that you’ve spent the whole of winter trying to prepare for a summer body, but simply ‘never got around to it.’

Not to worry, EMS is here to save us all. All you need is 20 minutes a week and you will be able to prepare for your dream summer body in the cold months of winter!

EMS training provides a body transformation like no other. Stimulating all the major muscle groups in your body at the same time, EMS helps you achieve a fit look in only 20 minutes.

Perfect for the lazy days you might experience in winter.

EMS is the stimulation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. Although this may sound complicated and scientific, it is in fact quite simple.

These impulses running through the body are generated by a device and delivered through electrodes to the surface of the skin. Due to the impulses, the muscles start to contract to make the workout more intense and beneficial than a conventional one.

How EMS training can provide the ultimate body transformation

We all become a little lazier when winter hits. The struggle is real.

Who wants to get out of bed at 5 am to work out for over an hour. Definitely not us! Wake up a little later, or fit it in after work.

EMS training only takes 20 minutes, making it the perfect winter workout. EMS training works with specific electric impulses which are quite similar to the body’s natural transductions.

However, these additional impulses are stimulating the muscles through a full body suit.

Allowing users to gain muscle, shred fat, increase calorie burning and boosts metabolism, EMS is an amazing training method for those who struggle to fit in a full hour of conventional training.

Here are some other benefits of EMS training, and why it is the perfect workout this winter:



Build Muscles

Electrodes placed on the body over major muscle groups, so all impulses reach the targeted area

Improve Posture

EMS training programs have specific exercises for the lower back, abs and shoulders

Achieve a toned body

Strength and cardio training combined, EMS helps tone muscles, burn fat and reduce cellulite. Circulation of muscular tissues is enhanced leading to firmer and toned skin

Relieve joints

EMS training does not put additional pressure on joints. Used after injury or sometimes with joint pain

Saves time

Results of a 90-minute work out in just 20 minutes. Enough said.

Your winter training goals do not necessarily have to be ones that revolve around weight loss. Instead, make them about something more. Here are a few:

  • Brain fitness: working out not only stimulates the body but stimulates the brain as well. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and boosts endorphin levels. A twenty minute EMS workout can supply you good vibes for the remaining 1420 minutes in your day.
  • Self-Love: scheduling twenty minutes in your busy schedule is much easier than over an hour. A high-intensity EMS workout with the support of a trainer will leave you feeling amazing and really proud of your body
  • Social interaction: find a friend and make EMS training fun! Working out can be a great way of socialising, catching up and invigorating the soul.

Say hello to your winter workouts with EMS body training. Not only will you have an EMS body transformation, but your workouts will also have an effect on your overall well-being.

Make sure to try out EMS training and see what all the buzz is about. Literally.

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