What Is the Reason That Your AC Duct Excessively Loud?

What Is the Reason That Your AC Duct Excessively Loud?

Ducts are made from metal and are rectangular. The pressure buildup within the ducts during the heating and cooling system comes on. As the air flows the long sides of the rectangle expand due to the expanding pressure. This is the major cause of noise in your duct system. So, these loud noises from your ductwork propagate in your entire home. 

Reasons For Noisy Ductwork:

Air Pressure:

Due to the pressure metal expands and contracts and causes rumbling sound. The air pushes against the walls of ducts and expands them. This will cause a banging sound. With the reduction in pressure, airflow slows down. The metal walls come back in their original shape. 

Closed Damper:

Another reason for noises is close dampers in the HVAC system. If you close multiple dampers together then this will create noises. The noise is not created by anyone's damper. However, by closing multiple vents your HVAC equipment can strain easily. 

Dirty Filters:

Dirty and clogged air filters can affect the movement of air and create noise. It’s important to replace and clean your HVAC system on a regular basis. To continue the airflow within the channels regular duct cleaning is very important. With cleaning and duct repair services, you can easily stop the noises in the ductwork.

Bent Flex Ducts:

Improperly installed ductwork can cause sag and make it harder for the air to flow. This will increase the static pressure and generate noises. Duct Repair services which you hire must be familiar with this type of ductwork installation. 

Heat Pump Noise:

If you shut down the heat pump and hissing sound comes out from the compressor motor. Then the reason is a leaky internal refrigerant valve. It’s important to hire professional duct repair services in that case. Schedule a quick appointment. 


If you do some practical solution then you can reduce the noises and make your home much quieter:

Fan speed:

During installation the amount of airflow should be configured. To reduce the static pressure lowers the speed of the fan. It is very important to know the proper level of airflow. If the airflow reduce from a proper setting then this will also reduce the airflow in different rooms. 

Install larger ducts:

Sometimes HVAC components are sized properly but still, ducts are not able to accommodate the volume of the air. So installing larger ducts can be proving successful in that case. By supporting more airflow higher velocity registers and grilles can also be cut down. 

Add Bypass Duct:

In a multi-zone system, a bypass duct can relieve pressure. To get the best results of duct repair consult a ductwork installation professional. Always hire experienced duct cleaning Melbourne workers who are experts in their work. Eliminating the excess strain and lowering the risk of issues reduces the system pressure.

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