Tips To Keep Your Pergola Always in Flower

Read some tips to make your pergola beautiful with flowers. Pergolas improve the look of your garden, this is a place where you can enjoy with your family.

Tips To Keep Your Pergola Always in Flower

Are you thinking of doing a pergola, but are you afraid it won't work? And if, over time, the plants become ugly and lifeless, is it an investment thrown away? Of course not, after all, there are several other functions that a pergola can perform - including with other types of coverage.

But there are indeed some tricks to keep the flowers always beautiful and to further enhance this type of hanging garden. Below are tips to keep your pergola always in flower and make your home even more beautiful!

Pergolas, a haven of peace made of flowers

Did you know that the total coverage of the pergola in Kellyville depends a lot on the chosen species? Those that grow faster can cover everything in up to 1 year. The longer ones take 2 to 3 years, depending on the size of the structure, of course. So, pay close attention to this and other tips to have the pergola of your dreams!

1 - Be careful when making the initial planting

For the full development of the plants, they must be planted directly in the soil. In pots, they have limited growth, as the size of the pots restricts the expansion of the root.

 2 - What will the pergola do?

To choose the most suitable species, it is necessary to take into account the function of the pergola. Will it be a resting place, the idea is just to make an ornament in the garden or will you compose a corridor in the outdoor area?

For example, if the place is a passing one, avoid species with hanging branches, which can be blown off and leave the plant ugly. Also avoid those that have thorns, that hurt.

3 - Attention to pruning

There are three types of pruning, which make all the difference in flowering on the pergola in Harrington Park. During the growth period, there is the formation of pruning, which will encourage the growth of the branches, directing them to the right places.

Then there is the cleaning pruning, for the removal of branches and dry leaves, and then the flowering pruning. The latter is done to control the volume, making the flowers appear in the desired plant size.

4 - Soil and irrigation care

Depending on the time of year and the region in which you live, watering can vary widely. However, in general, the soil of the pergola in Kellyville must always have the substrate moist. To do this, make a regular watering always in the morning or at dusk. Do not water with the sun overhead to avoid burning the flowers and leaves.

5 - Meet the flowers that like cold

Some flowers do especially well in the cold and can be a great option for pergolas in Harrington park and Kellyville regions. This is the case of purple wisteria ( Wisteria sp), for example, which has a blue-violet inflorescence. It prefers regions of intense cold, such as the south of the country, where it even produces fruits.

Another that is perennial and loves a little cold is the love-claw ( Antigonon leptopus). Delicate, with pink flowers, she likes full sun, soil rich in organic matter and periodic fertilizer. In response, it will give an intense flowering throughout the year.

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