Steam Carpet Cleaning Vs Carpet Dry Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning Vs Carpet Dry Cleaning

Want to get your carpet cleaned, but don't have any idea about steam or carpet dry cleaning. Basically, both the methods are very effective or result-giving. Only the major difference you see in both the methods is the amount of water getting used. The results also depend on the technician too, like what chemicals or equipment the technician is using.

Steam Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Dry Cleaning

There are many methods available to clean up your carpet, but the most reliable is Steam Carpet Cleaning or Carpet Dry Cleaning, which are very effective. Steam Carpet Cleaning Canberra is very effective but in this process, the use of water is high which makes the process longer or even takes time for your carpet to get dry after cleaning. 

Whereas, the carpet dry cleaning method uses less amount of water to get your carpet cleaned which lets your carpet dry within 1 or 2 hours.

Both the methods are beneficial for your carpet. But steam cleaning vs dry cleaning method, it's really hard to choose. And, the use of the method also depends on the carpet condition, so, you can hire a professional who will check your carpet condition and use the required method to clean up your carpet. Let's see on both the methods how you or a carpet cleaning professional will clean your carpet?

Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Vacuuming the carpet

  • Applying Chemical sprays

  • Inject water into the carpet 

  • Use a special vacuum to remove all water from your carpet

Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • Remove those stains which are staying deep inside your carpet fabric.

  • Using Steam Carpet Cleaning kills all the germs or allergens in your carpet.

  • In this method, no harmful solutions or chemicals are used.

  • Much more reliable or effective than any other method.

  • Leaves no residue.

Drawbacks of Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • The carpet takes too much time to get dry.

  • Uses a large amount of water which leaves the carpet too wet.

  • You will be able to place your furniture until your carpet gets dry.

  • Costlier than other methods.

So, these are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Steam Carpet Cleaning. Many steam carpet cleaning  service companies prefer using this method only.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

  • Vacuuming the carpet.

  • Pretreating the stains.

  • Applying dry powder chemicals or detergents.

  • Again vacuum to remove the chemicals or dry your carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning


  • The carpet Dry Cleaning method lets your carpet dry very early as it does not use too much water.

  • This method is good for high-traffic area cleaning.

  • Successfully treats spotted areas.

Drawbacks of Dry Cleaning

  • This method involves the use of chemicals.

  • Can harm your carpet fibers or leaves residue behind.

  • Not so reliable for deep thorough cleaning into the fabrics.

So, these are the benefits or drawbacks of Carpet Dry Cleaning. As this method uses chemicals, the allergens may face problems. That's the reason most companies do not prefer it.

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