Rug Cleaning Melbourne Making Sure That You Daily Living Is Healthy

Rug Cleaning Melbourne Making Sure That You Daily Living Is Healthy

Rugs are almost an integral part of every household. Their position in our living space remains in a way where the footfall is maximum. The rugs irrespective of its built material are germ attracting elements. They hold the dirt which slowly enters the lower layer creating a large colony for mite’s formation. A particular rug may seem clean and shiny from the top view but, the real issues remain untouched on the bottom layer. Every day tons of dead cell particles fall from human skin and along with it joins our hair particles. Rugs also have to bear occasional spillage of drinks and food items. The protein cells of the food or drinks get directly attached to the lower layers of the rug making the condition perfectly suiting for mite’s growth and sometimes mold formation. 

Rug & carpet cleaning Melbourne makes it sure that your rugs are free from germs as these are the causal factors for long term diseases like asthma and eczema. A person living in the room with a germ contaminated rug may also face issues like sneezing, wheezing, flue, watery eyes, etc. Even in certain cases, a person may need to take medical professional help. So, to avoid these health issues and live a healthy life, Rug Cleaning Melbourne plays a vital role in making you floor rug absolutely sterilized from local pathogenic agents.

Right Time to Call Squeaky Clean Rugs.

  • When the color of the rug gets discolored, it is high time that the product requires cleaning.

  • Even sometimes, the rug may seem shiny and clean but in the bottom layers, problems seem to occur silently.

  • When the fluffy feeling is gone on your mattress and it is portraying a shabby outlook, it's high time that you should call Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service.

  • Along with the rug cleaning, cleaning of floor carpets, window curtains, and bed mattress are also advised. When the entire room is germ-free then only the rug cleaning is justified or else, the dust particles in one item would easily move and reside on the above-mentioned places.

  • Since the rug experiences direct feet darts and other substances like food and drink spillage, urine, and human dead skin, they are very prone to become the ideal birthplace of various harmful bacteria and fungus. 

  • Treating the rug with strong detergent can reverse the process and entirely damage the entire rug. Cleaning with too much water increases the chances of fabric damage. And, once the fibers of the rug get damaged, it can hardly be restored for the right usage.

It is better than you making Rug Cleaning Melbourne as a scheduled event for increasing the lifespan of the rug.

How Rug Cleaning Melbourne Does Makes Sure that No Germ is Left Untouched

  • Prior to the cleanup, experts from Rug and Carpet Cleaning Melbourne checks every inch of the rug. The amount of wear and tear determines how much cleanup effort is required for the particular rug.

  • Your rug can portray a glossy new look but inside it retain millions of bacterial and fungal growth.

  • The rugs are treated with isopropyl alcohol and other reagents like enzyme cutter, hydrogen peroxide, and natural fabric softener. 

  • The alcohol and the reacting agents get to stick the germ molecules and make than single solid bodies quite visible for naked eyes

  • The next step is the suction of these germ particles with the help of a domestic vacuum cleaner. Once all the undesired particles are taken away, Rug Cleaning Melbourne runs a disinfectant treatment over the rugs.

  • Once this entire germ-fighting procedure gets finished, the drying and odor removing process begins.

  • The best is to run a UV Light filter over the rug to make sure no growth is active and using dehumidifiers the rugs are completely dried and made odor free. 

Once it is assured that the rug is fully sterilized, Rug Cleaning Melbourne claims the completion of the particular assignment.

When the question of hygiene comes, the name of Rug Cleaning Melbourne comes in the first list as it has been making homes absolutely germ free since quite some time. And, in all these years the company has gained a considerable amount of fame in not cleaning rug but restoring your entire house to make it a healthy space for residing. We value our customer's health and thus we never entertain the use of harsh chemicals in the cleaning process. Using a soothing chemical that is human-friendly and also eco- friendly makes our company different and competitive from other leading brands in this section. For experiencing the best service it is advised that Rug Cleaning Melbourne should be called before your rug is totally destroyed by bacterial growths or some spillage. Also get carpet steam cleaning services from our experts.

We at Squeaky Clean Rugs understand rugs are home to various diseases hence we need to make sure that the rug cleaning is done at regular intervals. To get rid of the same, contact us at  0488 849 499. And say no to rug mites forever. 

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