Professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method

As a house owner, it is a priority to keep it healthy and well presented. Carpet can very easily get stained and many harmful germs can start an infestation in its fibers. To deep clean your carpet there are various techniques and hot water extraction is one of them. In this article, this technique is explained in detail.

Professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method

Having carpet flooring is a significant investment to value your home, as it has different textures and designs to increase the décor of your house indoors. But due to excessive build-up of dirt and grime with time, carpeting becomes damaged and worn. Even new carpets can also look dirty without any professional carpet cleaning. There is a difference between standard shampooing carpet and hot water extraction to extend the life span of the carpet.  Carpets which are longer are more difficult to clean than shorter ones because dirt and debris settle in fiber bottoms. When you use a standard shampooing method then it leaves a residue of detergent and thus attracts more dirt and allergens.

How Hot Water Extraction Works?

This method is also known as steam cleaning and is the most effective way to remove grime and dirt which is embedded in carpet fibers and padding.  In hot water extraction, professionals pre-treat your carpet with a solution, and it depends upon how dirty the carpet is. The pre-treating solution is left on the carpet for a few minutes to settle and find a way to the carpet fibers. Then by using extremely hot water fibers are agitated using a brush with the help of a high powered machine. After the process is complete water is extracted immediately using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Benefits Of Hot water Extraction System

There are so many benefits of getting your carpet cleaned through hot water extraction than dry shampooing. The carpet in hot water extraction is thoroughly cleaned and no residue is left to attract any dirt or debris. Dry shampooing will only clean the surface of the carpet, whereas hot water penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and also extracts more debris and dirt. The temperature of the water is extremely hot and is enough to kill any bacteria or germ-infested in the carpet.

Environmentally Safe

One of the major benefits of using hot water extraction is that it is safe for the environment.  Standard dry shampooing has harmful substances that are hazardous to your health and also pollutes the environment. These dangerous chemicals can cause serious health disorders and respiratory problems. On the other hand, there is no chemical or hazardous substance required in steam cleaning the carpet, so it has no harm to your family, pets, or environment.


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