How to get rid of moth?

How to get rid of moths from closets and clothes. Photos to recognize moths and advice on the best moth products to use. Where do they come from and how to eliminate them with a definitive disinfestation or you can visit our site Melbourne Pest Control.

How to get rid of moth?

How to get rid of moths from closets and clothes. Photos to recognize moths and advice on the best moth products to use. Where do they come from and how to eliminate them with a definitive disinfestation or you can visit our site Melbourne Pest Control.



If you're trying to figure out how to get rid of moths,  you're in the right post-o. One of the most common and " destructive"  problems for fabrics is the presence of moths.


If you are looking for ways to get rid of moths and protect your clothes from these unwanted guests, our site will provide you with all the information you need to tackle the problem.

How to recognize moths

Moths or woodworms? If the insect you're looking for is ruining your wooden furniture, it's probably not moths but woodworms! 

There are, then, two types of moths, both have very thin elongated bodies, light brown wings. and both can be eliminated with the same remedies. In any case, so-called fabric moths usually invade our wardrobes and clothes. They are characterized by a reddish/brownish tinge near the head and are easy to recognize.

How to recognize moths? Adult individuals look like you see in the photo above. Besides, it is easy to understand if there are moths in the closets, just observe the presence of jagged holes and detect if there are small "silk tubes": the moth larvae laid by adult individuals are really small but with careful observation, they can be identified especially among old blankets and folded clothes.

How to get rid of moths from closets

The first step to getting rid of moths is to hold the vacuum cleaner!

Experts recommend performing a series of thorough cleaning sessions by vacuuming the riskiest places, including cabinets.

Dust, debris and organic remains are very tempting for moths, as well as humid environments: keep the home dry, a dehumidifier could be useful to keep the situation under control.

Before holding the vacuum cleaner, completely empty the cabinet. Put the clothes to wash in hot water to eliminate any nested moths, larvae or eggs.

When using the vacuum cleaner in your closet, focus on the holes, crevices and cracks. At the end of the cleaning, remember to throw away the vacuum cleaner bag!

When we talk about closet cleaning we are also telling you to wash all the clothes you have stored. It is true, it will be a "grind" but necessary if you want to guarantee a complete disinfestation of moths.

Moths, do mothballs work?

There are those who recommend the use of naphthalene and those who consider it toxic (it is). The naphthalene, a commercially known chemical compound such as naphthalene is considered a toxic and hazardous substance to humans, highly polluting and classified as a " dangerous substance ".

The European Community has included this substance among the compounds considered suspected for possible carcinogenic effects in humans. Naphthalene is highly volatile, sublimates very easily (this means that it changes from solid to a gaseous state) and prolonged exposure causes destruction of red blood cells, produces symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, passage of blood in the urine and other effects collateral.

So, can mothballs be one of the best mothproof products? Yes, and it works but… is it worth using? Probably not since there are less harmful alternatives.

Moths, natural remedies

To ward off moths there is no shortage of containers and aromatic infusoria that spread a good scent of cedar in the wardrobe. It seems that cedarwood is extremely effective in keeping moths away.

The more willing could make a  potpourri for closet and drawers, combining a large number of fragrant plants. To prepare a good potpourri, prepare yourself a handkerchief or a cotton bag that you can fill with:

  • laurel
  • rosemary
  • lavender
  • patchouli
  • Cedarwood
  • thyme
  • cloves

Such a potpourri will not only ward off moths but will be able to keep the wardrobe well scented in a completely natural way.

How to eliminate moths, anti-moth products

We point out the presence on the market of some natural products that could be useful to ward off moths:

Species-specific pheromones are boxes rich in pheromones capable of attracting and capturing moths by acting as an authentic trap. The traps must be changed every 2 - 3 days. The packages have different prices based on the manufacturer and the number of traps contained.

Large wardrobe emanators, these are perfumers to hang in the closets and change every 3 months. These perfumers release the active ingredients contained in the cedar wood essence so as to act as a natural repellent against moths. Generally, a pack of two emanators costs 5 - 6 euros.

Among the other anti-moth products, among the most immediate, we point out a natural spray to be sprayed directly in the wardrobes and on the fabrics to be treated. A natural anti-moth spray is more difficult to find than the anti-moth products mentioned above, so we recommend a professional to treat with moth with there moth pest control service from Melbourne pest control

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