How Can You Make Your Bathroom More Accessible? Read to know

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How Can You Make Your Bathroom More Accessible? Read to know

Do you realise that the restroom is one of the most dangerous locations for seniors or people with disabilities? As people get older, many prefer to stay in their own homes rather than deal with the trouble of transferring. For everyday actions like going to the bathroom or getting into the bath are more difficult, putting you in danger of falling and injuring yourself. Engaging with bathroom renovations in eastern suburbs Melbourne who dedicate a special team to accessible bathroom remodelling projects where you can feel safe and stress-free.

Choosing aging-in-place designs from bathrooms renovation Frankston can help homeowners get the most out of their money and avoid having to install a handicap accessible shower later. 

Take a look at these five possibilities for making your bathroom more accessible before moving on.

  • Consider Bountiful Dimensions and Strategic Fixture Positioning

The size of the bathroom door for a wheelchair is the first consideration when creating an accessible bathroom. This accessible room must also consider the location of facilities (toilet, shower, tub, sink) within the bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible.

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If you require a handicapped bathroom with a wheelchair accessible shower now or in the future, contact bathroom renovations in Melbourne in eastern suburbs, who will ensure that your new bathroom has all of the particular features that make it more wheelchair accessible.

  • Handicap Shower Chair and Curbless Shower Pan

The bathroom floor can run from wall to wall by removing the shower barrier, giving a seamless effect for curbless showers. It's also important to make sure that design errors aren't obstructions limiting the use or necessitating a capable person's aid.

  • Side Shower Head With a Grab Bar for Added Stability

Adding grab bars and shower chairs to your bathroom is a simple way to make it more accessible and allows individuals with disabilities to maintain autonomy while showering. This will give a safe surface for personal grooming and allow people to relax if they become dizzy or lightheaded during the shower.

  • Clear Space Below the Sink

If there isn't enough space under the sink, the person's legs will collide with the fixture, preventing them from using the faucet. As a result, it's critical to remember to connect with bathroom renovations Dandenong, who can perfectly renovate your bathroom and give you the option of installing faucets on the side of the sink, making them easier to reach for a sitting user.

  • Tile Flooring That Isn't Slippery

In the bathroom, textured flooring can assist minimise harmful trips, slips, and falls, particularly when the surface is damp. A little texture can give just enough friction to prevent a dangerous slide, whether you use little tiles or bigger tiles with much grout in between.

To Conclude,

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, and consulting bathroom renovations in eastern suburbs Melbourne trusted name offering personalized and professional bathroom remodelling service can help to get it looking new again.

Get in touch with a bathrooms renovation Frankston specialist who can build a high-quality bathroom that will keep you independent for as long as possible while also preventing mobility concerns in the future.



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