Read this Before Buying Art From Auction!

The best thing about online fine art auctions in Alabama is the wealth of information that is made accessible with catalogues and online resources.

Read this Before Buying Art From Auction!

For new or aspiring collectors, auctions are an excellent way to the marketplace. The salerooms are always open to the public, and the new bidders are always welcome.

With the number of digital auction platforms increasing by the day, it has never been easy to bid online. The best thing about online fine art auctions in Alabama is the wealth of information that is made accessible with catalogues and online resources.

You can easily access the details about the provenance, history, the condition of the item and the price is readily available. But collecting work via the secondary market need some know-how. Few things that you need to consider:

Information about Auction Item

When you like something on the auction site, it is tempting to click on the bidding button. Else, you can even raise the paddle in the air, but a well-researched purchase can be more rewarding.

When you are buying, you may get driven by emotions. Although they are essential, you need to understand what you are looking at, how the artist reached the auction and about the price tag. If you don’t take into consideration these things, you might have to regret your decision later on.

Get Into the Details

Most of the auction items that you come across is being offered on the secondary market. It means it was once owned by someone else. But the history of the art item adds value to it if the previous owner was a prestigious collector or the institution.

There are many instances where a painting estimated far less and previously owned by the prestigious owner offer significant value. Most reputed auction houses research and vet the artwork before it is provided. But it is crucial to do your homework. In the rare case, the artwork got damaged; it is not likely to be visible in the photograph.

Some auction houses will include condition reports if work needs one. But that's up to the buyer to read it. If you can’t find it, there is no harm in asking for the same.

If you are buying any historical work, it is crucial to know that they have been documented through proper manner. It is simple. First, you get the condition report, and then you understand the estimate, and then you review the authentication. If you could not find the work listed in the catalogue, or does not have a certificate or has not been published in the auction, then you need to find out the reason for the same.

Preview the Art If Opportunity Exists

You might get to see the artwork in galleries and museums. But there are auction houses which allow the bidders to preview the artwork before the auction starts whether it is life or an online auction.

Auctions happen throughout the year, and you might not even need an appointment to get the preview. They offer the best opportunity to arrive and see the works in great detail. You can also talk to the specialists that maybe there. It will give you a great sense of the market as the museums and galleries don’t display the price tag. But in Alabama fine arts auctions, every work that is there on display comes with a price tag.

Get Estimate and Plan a Budget

Once you have a good sense of the market value of an artwork, you are ready to place the bid. It makes sense to have a limit on how high can you bid in the auction. Having a budget beforehand helps.


Bidding on a piece of artwork may seem challenging, and if you are overwhelmed, it is better to seek professional help.

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